Warren Residence: March 09, 2012

Case Background and Claim:

383_DSC_0422The home was built in the summer of 1956. The home was a rental home before the client bought the home 26 years ago. The home was a small, two-bedroom home before the clients’ children left. Then, it was turned into a one bedroom to open up the living room. When the clients moved into the home, they noticed some odd things about the home. The wall in the bedroom had a pentagram on the floor and wall, and in the living room, there was animal blood on the walls. In the attic, they found Devil worship books. The clients’ home has been active the whole time they have lived there. The client reports that when she moved in, she was lying down on the couch and it picked up and dropped down with her on it. Items in the kitchen would fall down, and they would hear noises, including hearing a female voice and walking in the hallway. The dogs have been picked on.  When the clients’ children were little, they had befriended the spirit or spirits in the home.



  •  Investigators: John, Curt, Eilleen and Chass
  •  Date:03/9/2012
  •  Time: 8:30 P.M.-11 P.M.
  •   Structure: The home was a two-bedroom home and was later remodeled to a small one
               bedroom  home, about 700 sq. feet.
  •   Weather: Cold 35* Partly Cloudy


MCGH arrived at the clients’ home at 8:15P.M. and met with the clients for the walk through. Investigators John and Curt took EMF readings, pictures, and set up the equipment. Eileen and Chass sat down with the clients and read the activity log the clients had kept since the pre-investigation. The team set up flash lights, K-II meter, video camera, and voice recorders throughout the home.
From 9:05P.M. – 9:40P.M.: Investigators John, Curt, Eileen, and Chass, as well as the clients, sat in the living room conducting an EVP session. They got some hits on the K-II meter. They conducted a flash light session as well and were getting responses from the flashlights the whole time they were there. At one point, investigators Curt and John heard a noise in the hallway, and as they got up to investigate, the noise had stopped. The team also had the Ovilus out, but the clients were feeling a little uncomfortable, so they ended the session. The team and clients took a break.
From 9:50P.M. – 10:15 P.M.: The team began another EVP session in the living room. At one point during the investigation, Eileen and Chass noticed that the flashlight had moved. During the EVP session, they were having responses again on the flashlight and a few K-II meter hits again. They ended the session and took a break to regroup with the team.
From 10:30 P.M. – 11 P.M.: The team started to break down the equipment. Investigator Chass made a smudging packet to smudge the home. The home was smudged and the team left to go home.


MCGH believes the home may have been involved with the occult before the homeowner bought the home. Per the homeowner, there were satanic books found in the attic, there were signs of blood on the walls in the living room (where animals could have been sacrificed), and pentagrams were found on the floor and walls. The current homeowners did their best to clean it all up and live a normal life, but the team fears that perhaps something may have been left behind.
It is also our belief that due to the distraction the dog afford, evidence caught had to be thrown out due to contamination because there was no way to tell if it was the dog or paranormal. We do believe there is activity that has been in the home for quite some time. The property owner is aware that if activity continues after the smudging, MCGH is only a phone call away.

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