Warren Residential; March 17, 2012

Case Background and Claims

The home was built in 1955 and is a rental property. The clients have been in the home for almost three years and have no knowledge of any history of it. The client has had paranormal experiences in the past at her mother’s house. The clients have brought in an antique dresser, which was given to them as a wedding gift. The clients report seeing shadow figures in the hallway, the smell of sulfur, hearing sounds, things hitting the floors and walls, and the computer restarting itself. They have also heard a woman saying “No” while they were singing. The client also reported being smacked in the face, then about an hour later, while in the bathroom, being pushed down in the bathtub. The client reports the dog is also being affected. The client’s mother has smudged the home. (we do not recommend smudging unless you know how. If done wrong you can anger the spirits).



  • Time: 7pm-11pm
  • Investigators: Chass, Tim and Ryan
  • Weather: 65 degrees windy and cloud
  • Structure: 865 sq feet single family home


7:30P.M – 8:45P.M

The team started at 7:30P.M. Investigators Ryan and Tim did a walk through while Investigator Chass sat with the client and her parents for the interview. Tim and Ryan took readings with the E.M.F. and temperature gauge. While Ryan was doing the walk through, he had a few K-2 hits, but the MEL Meter had no readings. The team finished the walk through. The client was telling the team about a store and while Ryan was “listening live” he heard “SHUT UP.” Then, Tim noticed a shadow figure by the back door in the laundry room. The client’s father had heard a door move at the same time. Directly after this happened, investigator Chass got slapped in her face by something and felt as if something was “digging at her throat.” The team took a break and regrouped.

8:00P.M – 8:50P.M

The team came back in the home to start an EVP session in the living room. Investigator Ryan was scratched on his shoulder. The team set up flashlights, K-2 meters, and a temperature gauge. Investigators present were Chass, Ryan, and Tim. Also present were the client and her parents.  The flashlights were lighting up to questions, and for some reason, the K-2 that was by Ryan would light up to some questions. At 8:40 p.m., the client saw a white shadow in the hallway on the ceiling, and both K-2 meters in different areas in the room spiked at the same time. At 8:48 p.m., investigator Tim saw a shadow on a toy in the hallway. Investigators went to see if they could find the source of the shadow but could not make it reoccur. We ended the EVP session at 8:50 p.m. The team took a break and regrouped.


9P.M – 9:45PM

Investigators Chass, Ryan, and Tim came back in from their break. They started an EVP session in the baby’s room. Ryan and Tim were “listening live” at 9:13 p.m. when Ryan heard a girl say “Out.” The team went into the older daughter’s room, where they continued with another EVP session. At the end of the session as they were walking down the hallway, Ryan’s pant leg was pulled. They all went back into the living room and decided to take a break.


10:00P.M – 11:00P.M

While the team was outside taking a break, the client’s mother saw a shadow in the entryway, peeking out at them. At 10:10 p.m., they went back into the living room for another EVP session. The team ended the session.


10:20P.M – 11:00P.M

The team made a smudge packet and smudged the home. Then, they packed their gear and left the home.


Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigaton  

“Humming” EVP class B: The above clip, is believed to be of humming. This was not heard at the time.



 “OUT” EVP class A: At about 2 seconds you hear a voice, it may say “out” or “oh”. 2 investigators were listening live to their recorders and heard a voice, and this is what they believe they heard.


 “Breath” EVP class C: At about 3 seconds in may you hear a faint “yeah” or a breath.


“Shut Up” EVP class B: At about 4 seconds in you hear a loud voice that can only be described and “shut up”. Ryan was listening live and heard the voice, through his recorder. There was some discussion on whether or not it was from outside, or Chass said it. I can only give you this information, it was louder then any voice in the home, and its not believed that Chass said it. But what do you think?


  “Pain” EVP class B: At about 5 seconds in, there is a voice that some of us believe to say pain.



The team felt it necessary to smudge the home before they left. This made the client feel more at ease.

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