Warren Residence: June 29, 2012

Case Background and Claims:

The client’s home was built around 1975 or 1976. The home owner is not sure how many previous owners owned the home. There have been many deaths in the neighborhood. There have also been antiques that have been brought into the home in the last couple months; these items belonged to a neighbor who passed away.
The client has had unusual smells that she refers to as “the smell of death.” Appliances turn on and off all the time. She also hears the unexplained sound of footsteps running up and down the steps on the front porch, unexplained voices, crying, her name being called, and the calling of the name of someone else. Additionally, objects have been moved and placed somewhere else in the home, as well as just being rearranged. Client was feeling something touching her and feeling hot and cold while in the home. The client has a dog that gets scared and stiffens up when activity starts. The client feels threatened in the home.




  • Investigators:  Chass, Ryan, Kellie, and Joe
  • Structural:  The home is a small one-bedroom
  •  Weather:  90 degrees, clear skies, very humid
  • EMF/Temperature readings: Bedroom 0.0 – Temp 78.4* –  Hallway 0.0- Temp 82.8*
    Bathroom 0.0- Temp 83.3*  –  Living room 0.0-Temp 84.9* -Kitchen 0.0- Temp 85.4*


8:00-8:30 P.M. – The team arrived at the client’s home. The team set up equipment and took EMF readings, while Chass sat with the client to conduct an interview questionnaire.


8:30-9:45 P.M. –  The team went into the bedroom to conduct an EVP session. There were a few hits on the K-II meter and the flashlight. Ryan was working with the dowsing rods. The team asked if there were two spirits and the flashlight had lit up. The team then asked if there was a man and woman with us and again the flashlight lit up. At the same time, the dowsing rods were giving the same answers. The team asked if the man was the client’s neighbor that passed away; again, we got both the flashlight and the dowsing rods to respond with a yes. The client told us the neighbor was a flirty man who couldn’t take no for an answer. The client started to feel uncomfortable and asked the team to stop. We stopped the session and packed up. The client still wanted us to smudge the home, so Chass smudged the home and then we left.



As a team, we feel that the male spirit was the neighbor who passed away and that by keeping his items in her home, he is staying.  We suggested the items be removed from the home. The client packed up the items and asked one of our investigators to get rid of the items for her.


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