Washington Residence; March 12, 2010

Background and Claims: Washington Residence_20100312_383_SDC11903

The home is a brick farmhouse built in 1890, surrounded by several acres of retired farmland, located 1/16th of a mile from a cemetery erected in the late 1800s.

In mid February 2010, the Motor City Ghost Hunters received a call from a young mother, who said since moving into her aunt’s home, she noticed her 1-year old son has become quiet in demeanor, prefers to play by himself, is having night terrors, and in pictures taken of him, she has noticed several orbs floating around him.  The mother stated that while she didn’t feel the family was threatened, she was concerned that something had attached itself to her son and she was concerned about why and what it was.

On February 28, 2010, MCGH investigators, Jason, Cathy, Don, and Teri, conducted a pre-investigation.  During the interviews with all residents of the home, we discovered the mother’s aunt (the lease holder) had previous experiences in the home, such as hearing her name called while sleeping, walking into the home to the sound of a guitar playing, noticing the scent of flowers and cigars, cold spots in the home, and a sense of someone watching her in the upstairs bedroom. The family also stated the family dog is becoming more “clingy” lately.  Further, both the aunt’s son and daughter, and the current resident, recited similar experiences of being watched and hearing footsteps upstairs, including a son hearing his nickname (given by his grandfather) being called and hearing doors opening and closing.

It is worth mentioning that the aunt has had previous paranormal experiences in other homes; the activity in this home was noticed, however, shortly after her father passed away three years ago.

Video Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

As Rebecca and Chass approached the top of the landing on the top floor of the house, the K-2 meter Rebecca was holding lit up to 3 lights.  Right after that we got three lights in the hallway, and then five lights.  Then it was gone.


  • Investigators:   Jason, Cathy, Teri, Chass, Rebecca
  • Weather: Low 50s with wind
  • Date: March 12, 2010
  • Time: 9:00pm to 12:45am

Upon arrival, the team gathered outside of the home where both Chass and Rebecca sensed the presence of a man in the tree. Rebecca, Teri, and Chass also felt many other spirits present around the outside of the home.  Both Rebecca and Chass stated they saw what looked like a man walking back and forth in the upstairs window of the front bedroom room. Chass felt the man was a farmer that lived there a long time ago, who wasn’t able to keep up the farm because he was getting too old, and no one was there to help him.  Chass also felt that his children said they would help but then sold the land off a little bit at a time.

Rebecca saw an aura, which she described as a portal, which appeared to her to be about ten feet wide, outside, near the base of the house.

Near the back of the home, east of the garage, Chass saw a barn, which is no longer there.  Later, Chass saw the same barn in a painted picture hanging upstairs in the home. The home owner informed us the picture came with the home.

When we got in the house, we found that no one was in the upstairs rooms, nor in the room were the aura was seen by Rebecca. Both Rebecca and Chass felt there was a lot of energy everywhere in the home.

Rebecca and Chas started in the basement, in a room that looked like a closet with a chair in it.  The home owner said the chair was there when they moved in. Both felt that there was a little boy with us, which Chass saw as a small yellow thing standing by Rebecca and walked around her to sit in her lap. Rebecca felt him holding her hand.  He then it walked over to Chass and sat in her lap. In unison, both heard something rub on the chair.  When they were getting ready to leave, the K-2 meter lit up once.

Chass and Rebecca moved to a room that had a stone wall, which was cold and the temperature ranged from 62º to 53º.  In the corner of that room, both Rebecca and Chass felt there it could be a portal. They sat the K-2 meter by the corner of the room and did some EVP work. At one point, the K-2 meter went off about ten times in one minute. They both thought it might have been the furnace, but checked with the K-2 meter and could not get the action to repeat itself.  Right before this happened, Chass got a big headache and Rebecca felt a sharp pain in her ear. They both had a headache on and off the whole time we were at the home.

They regrouped with the team and went up to the second floor.  As Chass and Rebecca were approaching the top of the landing on the top floor of the house, the K-2 meter Rebecca was holding lit up to 3 lights.  Right after that, they got 3 lights in the hallway, and then 5 lights.  Then it was gone. (This is shown in the video clip posted above as well as was in the same location that Cathy had been touched during the pre-investigation at an earlier date.)

Both Chass & Teri experienced headaches at the top of the stairs while Rebecca was recording three steady lights registering on the K-2 meter and then increased up to five lights, for several minutes.

Four minutes into the session, Rebecca smelled a perfume scent in the room.  Chass stated she felt a sick feeling in the room and that a sad gentleman stayed in that room pacing back and forth a lot and that he is still watching over people living in the home. She feels a sense of protection.

Eight minutes into the session, Rebecca said she could see a “major aura” around Chass.  As Rebecca took pictures, she said it looked as though she saw a shadow over Chass’ shoulder, remaining there most of the session.  Chass said it was a very tall thin man who had something with his heart.  “He’s here to protect and watch over the family, wants to come closer but concerned and not sure how” – “Nothing bad, but very intense and very sad.”2010_03_12-Washington_Picture_Orb

At that point, Rebecca said she could see a really large globule, captured also in a photo.  Rebecca also felt as though she got poked in the shoulder.

Cathy, Jason, & Teri (Team 2) started our EVP Session, upstairs in the home owner’s room.  Just as we entered the room, all three of us heard footsteps in the hallway; however nothing was caught on tape.  During the session both Jason and Teri felt uncomfortable as though there was someone in the room with us and that Teri’s legs were buzzing.  At about 9:30 Cathy noted the K-2 meter “blink” as if someone walked in front of it.  An instant review of the tape supported what Cathy saw.  At about 10:15 we moved into the other upstairs bedroom and immediately the K-2 meter flashed to two lights.  The temperature registered at 69º.  Cathy felt as though her hair and scalp were tingling.  Within minutes Teri felt the chills up the back of her spine, and as though there was a mischievous little boy in the room with them, about 3-years old, hiding in the corner holding on to his knees as if he was hiding.  (It is interesting to note that when Chass & Rebecca returned upstairs, Chass talked about the child she felt in the basement, but had left them before they were done with their EVP session).

All three of us felt as though there was someone standing at the foot of the bed, Rebecca saw an aura to support her feelings.  Eventually both Chass & Rebecca felt as though many of the spirits from outside joined us during the session.  Both felt as though they were sitting in a circle as if around a campfire.

Cathy & Jason were conducting and EVP session in the basement and while no paranormal activity occurred, it may be important to note that Cathy felt ill while down there, short of breath (possibly due to asthma) and noted a possible presence of mold or mildew.

Jason & Cathy then joined us for the final 15 minutes of the session.  Both Chass & Rebecca requested all spirits to leave the children alone because they are too young to understand.

All of us gathered our gear and met with Julie and Kelly.  Rebecca requested to hold the baby in order to try to ground him and Chass explained that she felt Brayden was sensitive both in his sight and sound.

Evidence Obtained During the Pre-Investigation:

“Hey.” Class A EVP. During the pre-investigation, while touring the home at the top of the upstairs landing, Cathy felt as though someone touched her arm as if to get her attention  (it was found on supporting EVP recording of that time frame, a voice not associated with those present, is heard saying “hey”).  At the same time, Cathy became flush in her face and stated she felt light headed.  During the short EVP session later, Cathy also felt as though someone brushed against her hair.

Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

“You…you.” Class C EVP. While Chass is speaking, a female or child voice says, “You…you.”

“Hum…hum…hum.” Class C EVP. During the same session, when it’s said it’s time to wrap up, a child says, “Hum…hum…hum.”

“Get in here right now.” Class B EVP. Voice says, “Get in here right now.”


The MCGH team is grateful this family so graciously allowed us into their home for this investigation.  During both the pre and investigation we were able to gather both audio recorded and video-taped evidence of activity, unexplainable by traditional scientific debunking.  In addition, several members of the team both heard and felt supportive incidents to those described by the residents of the home.

While both the client & home owner provided quite an amount of historical information of the home, none included incidents of paranormal activity, according to the landlords.  However, our evidence combined with related incidents of the residents leave little doubt there is energy of a very passive, non-threatening, protective nature in both the home and outside of it.

Both Chass and Rebecca feel based on their perception, the portals outside the home maintain activity and has so for a long standing amount of time on the property and that smudging or attempts to close them may be fruitless due to the size of the openings.

In addition, both Chass and Rebecca feel the baby in the home is gifted, psychically both in sight and sound and is aware of the activity in the home. Neither feel the other child is sensitive but is picking up on what her brother is sensing and should wane with age.  It was recommended to the client that she purchase protective stones to place in the children’s room.

We extended a permanent offer of immediate assistance to this family should they require further help or understanding of

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