Waterford Residence; January 22, 2011

Background and Claims:Waterford Residence_20110122_383_water1

The clients called, reporting a possible negative spirit that was scaring their two-year-old granddaughter.  It had gotten so bad that the clients moved the little girl into their room.  They reported that the child has started seeing the apparition of a little boy and said that he was her friend and that they played together.  Additionally, the grandfather heard the “little boy” and has seen shadows.  Now, the little girl is also reporting seeing a monster in the window of her room and is really frightened by it, which is what prompted her grandparents to call MCGH.

The clients have attempted to talk to the landlord about possible activity, but the landlord laughed and never answered their questions/concerns.  They did overhear the landlord, while speaking to the realtor, state that a child had fallen through a closet floor on the second floor down to the living room and was killed in the fall.  The closet where this supposedly happened is located in the granddaughter’s bedroom.
Additionally, the clients also report that their granddaughter’s toys and potty chair activate, even though they are not turned on (or with the potty chair, there is no liquid in it.)  They also report feeling headaches in the home, but fine when they leave.


Investigators: John,, Chass, Chris, Tom, Mark and Terri
Weather: 20 F clear and cold with snow on the ground
Time 8 pm – 12:00 am
Date 01/22/2011

 Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation

[embed_youtube src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/OsiYZZVirNA”width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

8 – 9:30 PM   MCGH arrived and were greeted by the homeowners. Chass sat down with them and started to interview them about what has been going on in the home. John, Chris and Tom went around and took readings of the home (EMF & Air Dust Particles – Low; checked out plumbing, electrical, furnace, etc. – all checked out; Furnace, hot water heater – No carbon monoxide; They did find that furnace was not grounded properly). Mark, John, and Terri put a camera and the light grid up in the room that was the child’s room, which they closed off, and they also took readings of the upstairs. Using the Rigid SeeSnake, they also checked out the drywall & insulation in the closet (where the supposed falling occurred), and found that drywall had been replaced and there were two types of insulation (one older, one newer).  This obvious repair backed up the client’s belief that a child fell through it. During this time, Terri also noticed the closet door move without anyone making contact with it.

While Chass was with the clients, she felt like someone was scratching the inside of her legs. She asked Chris to go to the bathroom with her and there were scratches on the inside of her legs (this could not be captured with pictures due to the location of the scratches).
In the bedroom, both Chass and Terri felt as if they had been hit in the back, left side of their heads, and John felt pressure on the top of his head.

9:35 – 10 PM   Waterford Residence_20110122_383_WATERFORDNeck

John, Tom, Chris, Chass, Mark, and Terri went downstairs in the basement to start the investigation. John, too, started to get scratched. John felt as if someone was sitting by him on the couch. MCGH had the PX BOX, crystal, and rods out to use as communication tools. We started to ask questions and Chass asked, “Are you the one that is scratching me?” and got a yes response on the rods. John and Chass felt the presence of a little boy in red-footed pajamas with brown hair. John described the pajamas themselves as being a yellow and black print, potentially with dinosaurs as the print.  Chass felt that this was one of the spirits in the home. Chass and John felt that this could be the little boy who fell in the closet and went through the ceiling and passed away. We put a toy doll on the floor in front of us, by the K2 meter. As we did this, the K2 meter went off.  Mark played the Barney song, and the K2 meter spiked into the red twice. He then played Sesame Street, but nothing happened.

Following this, Terri’s dowsing rods pointed towards John at the same time that John reported feeling like someone was sitting next to him.  He sensed that there was a man, named Steven, who was preventing the young boy from crossing over, as well as causing the problems in the home. After John had gotten the name Steven, Chass sensed green eyes, sandy blonde hair, and skinny. She also felt as if this person might have been a child molester, and that he used candy to get children to go with him. John felt the same way about this man, believing that he had lived in the neighborhood with his grandparents, had passed away and was now haunting the home. At this time, Chris started to feel as though he was being choked by something. He couldn’t breathe and the guys had to get him out of the basement, so they took him outside.  Upon examination outside, Chris had a visible hand mark on his neck, which Terri took a picture of.
While they were outside, Terri also noticed the shades in the granddaughter’s bedroom window moving, even though the window was closed and covered with plastic and sealed with 3M tape.


10:20 – 11:20 PM Waterford Residence_20110122_383_WATERFORDscratch2

The group went back into the house, went up to the child’s room, and started to do some EVP work.

Chass was getting scratched again on her back, which John described their appearance as if a knife was being dragged over her skin. The team watched as the scratches were popping up.  The scratches burned so badly that Chass had to leave the room. Shortly after Chass had left the room, Terri had gotten scratched on the back of her neck and down her back. Terri had also been grabbed on her breast, as well.  Terri also had to leave the room.  After the ladies left the room, activity in the room, and with the PX Box, ceased. Terri had asked Chass to go to the bathroom because she could not get the door to stay closed. They asked the clients if the door would close and they both said yes, but the ladies couldn’t get it to stay. Terri and Chass felt as they were being watched when they were using the restroom. Terri said the shower curtain had moved, which they tried to recreate, but couldn’t.  The client had also reported that the bathroom light is always delayed when it is switched on, but it worked immediately while MCGH was there.

11:30 PM – 12 AM   MCGH ended the investigation, and John got the smudging box and smudged the home. The home owner had said they were thankful to MCGH, and that as soon as they can move that they are moving out. MCGH packed up and left the home.  (While MCGH was loading up, the client came back out and said that the light switch in the bathroom was delayed in responding again.)

The spirit in this home appears to be very negative as several members of the MCGH team were attacked.

Waterford Residence_20110122_383_orb1

This picture if the front of the house, there seems to be an orb in the granddaughter’s bedroom window.  While most orbs are dismissed as dust, pollen, or insects, this orb seems to be giving its own light source.

UPDATE: 1/24/2011:  MCGH received a call from the client stating that, last night, their 19-year-old daughter was sitting on the couch and something appeared up in her face.  Afraid, she went running up into her parents’ bedroom.  Interesting to note is that the couch she was sitting on is the same one that Chris was sitting on when he was choked. The clients’ entire family is determined to move as they were told by neighbors that the previous renters moved abruptly within 6 months of moving into the home.

UPDATE:  2/16/2011:  MCGH touched base with the client, who said that “all Hell broke loose” when they left the house.  He, his wife, his daughter, and his granddaughter were having constant experiences, day and night, until they moved out of the house the previous weekend.  They are now living two miles from the old house and report that everything is feeling much better.  The client also reported having nightmares about the man, which his wife has had to wake him up from.  John described what he and Chass had sensed the night of the investigation, which the client confirmed as being what he saw. He said he has dreamt that dream for the last three weeks (every night) while he lived in the old house.  Now that they have moved out, he is no longer having the nightmares, and that everyone is sleeping better.

 Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“Sigh” EVP Class B: This EVP was recorded in the bedroom. Terri and Chass had left the room and gone outside while Tom, Mark, Chris and John were still in the room.  John says, “We’re not gonna give you the power to intimidate us.”  After this a “sigh” can be heard.

“No” EVP Class B: This EVP sounds like a voice saying “No.”

“Breathy Voice” EVP Class C: This EVP was recorded in the child’s bedroom.  A breathy voice is head behind the investigators conversation, but it is unclear what is being said.


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