Waverly Hills Sanitariun, 17 June 2015

Waverly Hills

June 17, 2015 Started 7 pm20150617 Waverly Hills

Humidity 100%

 John, Bert, Brenda, Lesley, Cas, Jason, Heather, K2


Many paranormal teams have come to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium to conduct investigations.  Our researchers uncovered many newspaper articles and donated them to the owners of the site.

Waverly Hills was one of the most state of the art hospitals of the time for the Kentucky area.  It is mainly known for being a treatment facility for patients with Tuberculosis.  The land was originally owned by Major Thomas H Hays.  It opened in 1910 as a Sanitarium for TB patients and closed in 1962 (wikipedia).  In 1983 the site was purchased to make a prison but was never followed through on.  The current owners are trying to restore the hospital to it’s original splendor and allows paranormal groups to investigate to help with the restoration.

While traveling to Louisville, KY the research team reviews newspaper articles found about the site to validate some of the “legends” heard about the site.  One of the legends that a staff member became pregnant by another staff members and hung herself on the top floor (room 502).

20160617 Waverly Hills articles

During the tour with the staff, we were all on the top floor where someone allegedly hung themselves.  While standing there, Brenda heard, “Help me.”  No recorders were started at that time.

20150617 Waverly Hills 3rd Floor

Area where Brenda heard, “Help me.” This is the area that allegedly someone hung themselves.

Our team first went to the body shoot area.  We used a night vision camera while in the area.  We were able to capture and Orb that was following John back and forth down the hall.  You could not see it with the naked eye by with the camera only.  Bert did a period resonance session. 

20150617 Waverly Hills Body Shute

Body Shute area where and orb followed John back and forth. This was captured on video which is still being processed.

Down the opposite hall (90 degrees from the body shoot) we used a FLIR camera and believed we caught a shadow figure on the FLIR.

20150617 Waverly Hills FLIR

FLIR in the Body Shute area where we saw a shadow at the end of the hall.


No EVP’s were captured in the body shoot area.

Our team then went to the second floor and we sat in the recreation area.  The frogs were singing loudly and it was hard to hear if any EVP’s were captured.  Brenda, John and T3 were sitting in the area while others were going through the area investigating the other rooms.  No activity was reported on this level.

Team 1 Location 1- Death Tunnel
Start Time 10:04pm  End Time 11:00pm

Team 1 – John,Bert,Brenda,Lesley and 3 friends

Activity at Body Chute “Death Tunnel”
We decided to divide the team into 3 parts Bert and Brenda stayed near the entrance and watched the camera. John positioned himself at the top of the steps of the tunnel. While Lesley and her guests walked down the steps 500 ft and investigated the bottom. Bert and Brenda noticed on the Sony Night Shot there was a shadow person half way between Bert/Brenda and John. As John walked closer to Bert/Brenda it appeared the shadow figure moved away from John towards Bert and Brenda. When John came close to touching the shadow person Bert/Brenda said the shadow person shot across the ceiling and went toward the tunnel. During the time of contact with the spirit John felt a cold spot go thru him. Bert/Brenda/John continued to ask questions watching their mag lights respond to questions in direct time. Also John’s motion detectors were going off quite frequently as well as John’s K-II meter lighting up as questions were asked. The team attempted to take pictures with the Flir I7 Thermal Camera but the camera wouldn’t take a picture at the time. Also, Brenda attempted to do a ghost box session but no reception could be made do to the heavy concrete and steel construction.
Lesley believed she heard a voice in her ear…While doing period residence Bert heard a sniff in his ear…. “Note” There is NO Power in the area the team was investigating at the time.So the K-II meter should not have been responding while in the Death Tunnel……

Ovilus Words Spoken:
Rocks, Heaven, Dawn, Stool, Steam, Plural, Army, Consonant, Banchee, Division, Morning, Wisdom, Small, Wishing, Dig, Grain, Heaven, Bring

– John Caught NO EVP’s During This Session –

Team 2 went to this area. SESSION START TIME:  2:26 AM SESSION END TIME:  2:47 AM

TEMP & EMF: 77.3°F, flat EMF


Notes: This session was located at the top of the Body Chute. T3 was seated on a cement ledge near the turn of the hallway at the top of the body chute. Don started the session standing near the ramp down of the body chute and then finished sitting next to T3. During the session, voices from team members can be heard echoing down the hallway. The only devices used were digital recorders and still cameras. Don’s recorder was on the ledge by T3 the entire session.

EVP Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Brenda captured an EVP in the area saying, “Here I come”

Don was standing near the ramp down at the top of the body chute and T3 was seated on the cement ledge. T3 was taking digital still photos in Don’s direction and had called out “flash” after taking the picture. Don is replying to T3 about the flash and then a whispery male voice was captured but not heard in person.

Don captured some chimes in the body chute

Don captures an EVP saying, “Take off your hat.”


Location 2- 2nd Floor Hallway area near nurses station
Start Time 11:05pm
End Time  11:45pm

Team 1 – John, Bert, Brenda, Lesley and 3 friends Plus T3, K2

Team spread out on 2nd floor to investigate. John joined T3, K2, Lesley and Brenda sitting watching the hallway area. During this time both John and T3 noticed many Shadow People cross thru the hallway. Brenda felt a heavy presence and a heaviness on her chest while sitting near the TB hallway she also felt like she wanted to run. We felt a real sadness while in this area. Our laser grid
appeared to have shadows walking thru it during our session.

Ovilus Words Spoken:
Ready Angles, Hope, Malice, Do Not, Abyss, Mission, She, End, Hand, Subtract, Yellow, Coin,Different, Jade, She, Themselves, Salvation, Turning, Long, Ground, Room, Woman, Paralyzed,
Note, Mouse, Various, Happened, Without, Kate, Dig, There, Medium, Loop, James, Dust, Center, Never, Dollar, When, There, Quarter, Dollar ,Rope, Anna, Dig, Oracle, Brown, Rope, Best,
Section, Crime, Meline, Orical, Act, Soak, Each, Themselves, Quarantine, Core, Compare, Rope, Christ, Warrior, Notice,

John Caught No EVP’s During This Session

Team 2 Jason, Heather, Kellie, Mike, Don, Kate

-4th Floor Operation Room


TEMP & EMF: 78.5°F, flat EMF.

Notes: This session was located on the 4th floor of Waverly Hills. The operation room consisted of old operating equipment in the main room as well as in a side room that featured an antique sterilization device. Don’s recorder was on floor by doorway and Kate’s was on the floor towards the middle of the room. Several Ghost Touch, EM pumps, and KII meters were placed within the main room, in the side room, and in the hallway. Kate had set up her toy Baby Alive in the side room. Neither the GhostTouch devices nor the Baby Alive doll were activated by non-living entities. KII meters were stagnant as well. Jason was wandering the hallways nearby during the session filming there and in the OR with a video camera.

No EVPs Captured

5th Floor, Inner Room and Large Outer Room

Heather captured this anomoly on the top floor

Heather captured this anomaly on the top floor


TEMP & EMF: 79°F, EMF flat

PEOPLE PRESENT: Jason, Heather, Kellie, Mike, Don, Kate

Notes:  The 5th Floor consists of an inner corridor surrounded by small outer rooms as well as a larger outer room with many windows. One may access the rooftop decks to the open outdoor space, with one area known previously as having a swing set for children to play on. Don, Kate, Heather, and Kellie were mostly situated in the larger outer room while Jason was walking around filming and Mike wandering. Don’s recorder was placed on floor in first large room and Kate’s was in the outer room. Don placed EM pumps in a circle in the outer large room and Kate put the Baby Alive doll in the middle of the field, as well as Kellie placing a toy car in the field.  Some of Don’s Ghost Touches and Motion Sensors were placed throughout the floor. KII meters and Mel-Meters were also in use. None of the motion sensors went off unless one of the investigators passed by them. Kate’s Baby Alive did not go off during the session until the very end when it activated once when Don started to remove some of the EM pumps around it.

No EVPS Captured





Notes: This session was located in the Morgue. The room is on the ground level and consists of three body drawers and embalming tables. Don laid in the bottom drawer briefly holding his recorder with him while Kate sat in a wheelchair and had her recorder by her. Mike is heard walking towards us then spoke to update us on the other team members’ meeting in the gift shop area. He is later heard walking away from us.

No EVPS Captured

Team went down to prep area for pizza and many left from there  due to such humid weather.

Video from paranormal investigation (still being processed)

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