Wayne Historical Museum, Wayne, Michigan December 5, 2015

Old Museum Photo Cropped

Photo from the Historic Wayne Museum

Investigators: Brenda, John, Gayle, Cas, Ed, and Tim W

Date: December 5, 2015

Building Temperature
Building EMF .1

Equipment Used – Zoom H2 Audio Recorder,Ovilus X w/DTD,
Flir I7,MEL Meter,EMF Meter,Mag Light
Trigger Objects – Ball,Car,Doll

Museum representative: Bob Zimmerman

Equipment: Ovilus, Digital Recorder, Maglight Flashlights, Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Echovox

Trigger Object:  Civil War Hat worn in Gettysberg of a former Wayne Resident, Steven D Smith.


The Wayne Museum first started as a Fire House then went on to be the City Hall.   When the current Recreation Center was built, City Hall moved into the current spot that used to be the old recreation building.

Current volunteers in the museum state that there are lights that go on by themselves and they have personally turned off the lights when they leave.  They believe Mr. Goudy is haunting the premises and this has been said for many years.

There are numerous artifacts in the building.

fter Gayle enters, Brenda’s recorder captured an EVP saying, “Sorry.” Cas believes that was him so we ruled it out as an EVP.

MAIN ROOM (used to house the fire trucks)

Cas reported no EVPs on Audio or video.  He had issue with his batteries on one recorder.  Tim W, Ed, John, and Gayle reported no evidence was captured.


Behind, Chill, Cried, Stool, Where, Near/Dear, Push, Cried, Division, Morning, Rub

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation:

At the start of the EVP session, Brenda captured a male voice saying, “Sorry.” Cas believes that was him so we ruled it out as an EVP.

Brenda brought in Peanut butter and say, I know you can’t taste it and a voice was captured.

Gayle talks about liking to go to museums and a voice was captured.

John asks if either of the Mr. Goudy’s are present, Brenda’s recorder captures “Yeah”

Another possible EVP captured says, “John still…..” Cas believes that was him talking to John.

The group was teasing Cas about his stomach gurgling and you hear a jingle, Gayle later asks,” Did you hear bells?”  The team tried to debunk it thinking it was change in Cas’ pocket. This is still up for debate.

Bob Zimmerman attempted to elicit responses talking about no one knowing how to drive the Model T Fire Engine.  Jack Zimmerman drove the truck to the local fire (Alley way at Michigan Avenue to the Parking Lot). During that time Gayle and Brenda saw a shadow walk between the two buggies on the east wall of the museum. Tim W said he believes something was there but wouldn’t make itselfknown to the team.

Area where shadow figure was spotted by Gayle and Brenda

Area where shadow figure was spotted by Gayle and Brenda

He also called for Bert Green and talked about hiding whiskey in the old Wayne Cemetery during prohibition.  He then talked about Bert Green and Hank Goudy making things in his blacksmith shop and Gayle heard a female’s voice.  Brenda’s recorder may have picked it up between people talking.

Bob  Zimmerman brought out Steven D Smith’s hat from the Battle of Gettysburg. Steven was in the 24th MI INF, and 2nd MI INF, a member of the Masons, and went to Olympia, Washington State where he died in 1919.  No responses were elicited from the hat.

Stephen Smith (courtesy of the Wayne Historical Museum)

Stephen Smith (courtesy of the Wayne Historical Museum)

Brenda and Gayle reported having chest pressure and pains like a heart attack.

One of our investigators, Ed, was a former fireman and he attempted to contact former fire fighters.  We attempted to call for a Luther Vaugh who was a firefighter at Eloise but lived in Wayne in the 40’s-50’s.  Ed tried to elicit responses through a period resonance session. Brenda captured no responses at this time.  John heard an “Aye” when Ed asked about using horse and buggy to put out fires. John asked if you were a fellow Fireman and you can hear, “Hello.”

To end the session, Brenda used sounds from Fire Trucks to see if responses were available. After one of the sirens, two of us heard movement in the room.  We could not get them to reproduce the sound.

When packing up, Brenda said she’s taking her peanut butter and chocolate, then gets a question on her K-II.  She says, I don’t put much faith in that and an EVP is captured saying, “Mmmm.”



In the City Hall section of the museum, Brenda’s recorder was put on pause after 5 minutes.  She discovered this halfway through the session.  Brenda’s recorder was not able to capture the mini box session.

Activity During Session – Tim and Cas both had good Frank’s Box Sessions with a couple spirit responses.Seemed like they had many spirits stopping bye to say hello.Tim had some great responses with his echo box as many spirits wanted to talk thru the session.Brenda’s audio recorder was paused somehow during this session ? Tim also had his 2nd session stop then had to restart his program over. Seemed as we were receiving many responses in German? Tim felt that he was touched on the arm while he was using his Echo Box.John’s Audio RecorderShut Itself Off after his Ovilus X said “That” Time was around 10:05pm

Ovilus: Small, Lag, Elements, Alcohol,Yard ,Lake, Normal, Hollowed, Celebration, Bring, Saint,That

Tim started an Echovox session and came up with the names of Tom, Jack and Brenda (possibly Brenda’s father and grandfather).


The final session was in the basement where the jail cell used to be.  Brenda just let her recorder run to see if any activity could be captured in the cell room and everyone stood out in the main section.

Brenda’s recorder captured a “sigh” in the cell.

Jail Cropped

Photo courtesy of the Wayne Historical Museum


We would like to thank the Wayne Historical Museum and the Wayne Historical Society for giving us an opportunity to investigate the site.  Unfortunately we captured little activity but if things occur in the future, we look forward to working with them.












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