Wayne Residence; August 22, 2014

photo 2History

The property was once part of the Freeman Hubbard Farm.  All members of the Hubbard family were found in local area cemeteries.  The area was developed after World War II for regular housing.  The current home was built in 1951.

Client Claims

The client stated she was sitting on the couch at night around 11:00 pm and she saw a black shadow on the wall then it left it came back left again like it was playing peek a boo with her. It lasted for about a minute.Freeman Hubbard FarmOther Unexplained occurrences the client stated was having something knock on her door at night it made her dog bark.  She opened the door and no one was there everyone else in the home was sleeping. Her daughter sees black shadows and she also says they talk to her she came to me with the name Ashley. On Aug 14, 2014 the client was in her daughter’s room grabbing her daughter’s mattress when it looked like something pushed her daughter.  Her daughter said it felt like someone pushed her and it kinda took her breath away. The client’s son’s door to his room will open and close by itself.  The neighbor claims to be having the same stuff occurring in her house also. The client’s daughter and nephew has woken up with scratches on them that wasn’t there when they went to sleep.


Investigators: Brenda, Cas, Gayle, Ally

Equipment: MEL Meter, Frank’s Box #174, EMF Pumps, Mag Light flashlight, REM pod

Weather: Clear, Dry, 79 F degrees

Daughter’s Room, Lower Level

We had very little activity with the flashlights and other equipment located throughout the room. During the Frank’s box session we had several responses that appeared to be in direct response to questions asked by the investigators.

Frank’s Box: “Who are you?”, Thomas, James, Guide, I am here with you, Bert, Easy, Look at them, tease them, Eight, Just stay, sing to me, oh damn, Jody, My name is Juan, I know it, What, Betty, Keys, Oh Damn, we just lost that, Blue, let go of me b, Hear me, alright, I’ll ask for it, I did, I did not know that, seeing the light, no more, Please help, familiar, Heaven, yeah, Hey Bill, Four, Josiah, Courtney, Courtney, perfect, help you, good night, please, It’s Mark, Sorry, Frank, yes, seriously, How are these guys?, It’s hot in here, serving the nation, somebody, sorry, weren’t you, now, too much, I will try, it’s too hard, talk with you, yes, I am a jerk, say which, oh for real, so you, I am, thanks, like our wives?, home run, I’m not capable, you don’t understand, Jesus, leave, small light, yes, the light, oh man, going please, it’s so hard, there, hey you, my friends, going, leave here, there, ready, we are there, the lord, your name, Tim, Amy, Cas, can I speak to him?, sign, it is, the thing that you do, well put, hardly, I do, the light, yeah, He’s gotta be, see me.

During this session, Brenda captured a young girl laughing at the very start of recording and the noise of a door closing on it’s own.  No one was in the area (client was sitting on the couch and all team members were in the bedroom.  No pets or children were in the house at that time).

Upper Level, Children’s Room

During this session we received random responses from the flashlights in the room. Nothing gave the impression of intelligent response that could be considered as potential evidence. Cas felt an unusual sense of pressure in his head during a portion of the session and Alley also reported a similar sensation at the same time. The client claims that the children are afraid of the opening that is in the closest that leads to the attic.  Our team placed equipment in that area (rem-pod, flashlight, and ping pong balls) to try to communicate with any possible entities.

We did find that the fan in the bedroom produced high EMF readings while on.  The fan was near the head of the child’s bed which could cause uneasy feelings.

The Frank’s box session was very active providing potential meaningful replies. Many of which appeared to be personal messages for some of the investigators.

Frank’s Box: Yeah, Sadie, Indeed, Emily, Bobby, Cas, Jenny, Ma’am, Brenda, What is it?, Set me free, Shawn, listen, I’m not listening, I’m helping, No, You know it, Protection, Angel, Nope, I do not, Right now yes, Causes a breakdown, Three, Just me, grand pa, Are you here?, I am Pudgie (Brenda’s Grandfather), Come on baby, Damn it you better get out, Aubrey, Come on, Get in your vehicle, I don’t like you, Have a bad night’s sleep, Done

No EVP’s were captured during this session.

Living room Session

The client claimed to have seen shadow figures in this area. We began an EVP session with the client. This proved to be a short session as we received very little flashlight responses and the feel of the room gave a sense of peace.  Client did tell the entities they had to leave and they wre no longer welcome.

No EVP’s were captured during this session

Investigation Videos:

Wayne Home First Floor (Immediately a little girl laughs then you hear a door creak)



During the EVP sessions we seemed to get very little indications of communicating with any spirits or entities. The Frank’s Box sessions on both floors provided several experiences that seemed to be relevant to the investigation and also provided personal experiences for our investigators. During the Frank’s session we received communication from Bill, which we later found to be a family member who passed. Brenda and Cas also received contact from the other side of the veil during these Frank’s sessions.The entities may have been compliant with the wishes of the family and left as asked.  This was stated in the beginning of our investigation that they would have to leave or cross over before we left.

A followup with the client occurred a week later and the client reported, “Everything was good” at the home.

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