Wayne Residence; January 7, 2012

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Background and claims:

The residence is located near one of the cemeteries within the City of Wayne.  It is alleged that there was a murder of a young child  at the residence and the client had newspaper clippings supporting this information.  A previous owner of the property was Steve Clark. The home is a two story residential home.

The clients report seeing shadows and hearing noises.  One claim is to have seen a full bodied apparition.  The door bells of the house will ring and no one is present and a light bulb in the basement turns on and off by itself.

A pre-investigation was conducted by the team on October 21, 2011.  During the pre-investigation it was noted the areas in the home of concern had a high EMF (electromagnetic frequency) which was predominantly in the basement by the fuse box.  The kitchen and living room area also gave off high readings.

Through research, high EMFs can affect one’s body, causing feelings of anxiety and paranoia, as well as the feeling as being watched. It can also trick one’s mind into thinking that they are seeing or hearing something that is not truly there. It must also be stated, however, that not only can high EMF cause these feelings and mild hallucinations but it can also attract spirits as it creates an atmosphere which makes it easier for them to communicate.

Upon review of the data collected during the pre-investigation, multiple EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) were discovered and coupled with the relevant responses given by the Ovilus, a device which is said to allow spirits to manipulate an audible dictionary, it was decided that a thorough investigation was warranted.


• Investigators: John,Tom, Joe,  Scott, Holly, and Kellie

• Date(s) 10/21/2011, 01/07/2012

The first investigation of this site was done on November 2, 2011. EVP sessions were conducted in multiple places around the house throughout the night. A flashlight, (loosened for sensitivity in order to turn on and off by a very light touch) responded on cue to multiple questions which were asked. Shadows were seen in the hallway passing by the bathroom door and a curtain in the bathroom appeared to have moved. Also reported, Tom’s audio recorder seemingly turned on by itself.

Multiple orbs were picked up by the video cameras. Orbs can be a multitude of different things: moisture, pollen, dust, insects and light glare/flash. However, other times these anomalies cannot be explained and may actually be energy captured on film. Footsteps on the second floor were heard by both the investigators present as well as the homeowners.

The most notable occurrence happened during an EVP session in the basement when the DTD, a small device used to display the words generated by the Ovilus, flipped on its side. This was witnessed by most of those present at the time and luckily was also captured on video.

 Video Evidence Obtianed During Investigation

A male voice was captured during the video taping of the investigation saying “Go sit down”

The DTD Falls to the floor during the investigation

Flashlight Responses

The second investigation of this location took place on January 7, 2012. Again, multiple sessions were held throughout the house. A shadow was seen in the basement by one of the homeowners as well as Joe. A flashlight set up for yes and no questions in the hallway responded to most questions and for some reason seemed to prefer it when the questions were asked in Spanish. Scott’s cell phone anonymously dialed an animal veterinarian’s office. It is interesting to note that Aaron had reported seeing what looked like the shadow of a large feline in the basement.


A flicker was detected with the laser grid which was set up in the living room. The laser grid is a single light shattered into many as it is projected. When only a few lights/dots are faded or flicker then that is a sign that something was in between the laser and the object it was projecting on. In this instance it appears that a few of the lights/dots are blocked out. Not long after this the batteries on the laser grid are drained.

During an EVP session in the living room, Joe saw what looked like a man walking across the porch. Upon investigation further no one was found outside and so with the help of one of the homeowners a recreation was staged. It was discovered that in order for Joe to have seen what he saw there would have had to be someone on the porch, which there wasn’t.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

  “help… have you… come…” EVP Class A: Recorded while John is discussing the Ovilus, a whispered male voice can be heard saying what sounds like, “help… have you… come…” there is then quick phrase that is too mumbled to understand.

“Inaudible” EVP Class C: The faint sound of a man talking in a hushed voice can be heard talking behind Tom’s voice. We have been unable to discern what he is saying.

  “Go away and let me speak to her.” EVP Class C: This is the exact same hushed voice as in the previous EVP. We think that it is saying “Go away and let me speak to her.”

“Inaudible” EVP Class C: This is almost identical to the two previous EVPs however this one was recorded in the kids’ bedroom. Again we are unable to discern what is being said.

“Inaudible” EVP Class C: Recorded on the second floor an inaudible male voice is heard after John asks the child spirit who hurt them.

“No”EVP Class A: A male’s voice saying simply “no” was picked up by three different recorders in the basement at the exact same time. This is the loudest recording.


“Inaudible’ EVP Class C: Recorded on the second floor an inaudible male voice is heard after John asks the child spirit who hurt them.

“Box” EVP Class C: Spoken under everyone else who is reading what the Ovilus said (school) a male voice can be heard saying what sounds like “box”.

“hey”, “Where ya going” EVP Class B Joe is heard saying that he was going to get a flashlight. You can hear the squeaking of the door and then a voice says “hey” or “wait” immediately followed by “where ya goin?”


Our best evidence is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) which were captured on all three visits to this location. Footsteps, audible sighs and multiple shadow sightings were also reported, as well as the movement of the DTD in front of everyone which we were lucky enough to capture on video.

After careful review of all written reports, video, audio and photographs taken it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location. We do not at this time feel that there is anything threatening in the house.

The EMF recorded in the house was a little high and it was recommended that a licensed electrician be called in to check it out.

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