Wayne County Business; August 08, 2012

Case Background and Claims

  • 383_undisclosed_location_copySeeing Shadows

  • Feeling of being watched

  • Female client claims something entered the ladies room while she was in the restroom and she was alone in the store at the time.
  • Also merchandise has moved in the store.

Equipment Used

  • Flir I7 Thermal
  • Mel meter, K2,
  • Air Particle Counter,
  • Franks Box,
  • Sony Nite Shot with IR
  • Audio Recorders, Flash Lights, GEO Phone



  • Time:  9:30PM – 12:30PM
  • Investigators: John, Kellie, Ryan, Tim W, Jamesand Gayle
  • Weather: Rain and Thunderstorms
  • Moon: 80% Waning

When MCGH first arrived we did our initial EMF sweep while others conducted an  interview of the clients.

At one point Gayle kept getting chills in one spot of the room, this was also confirmed by the client as they were also getting chills at the same time.

An investigator saw a shadow person crouching by the cash register. An EVP was caught saying “Did you see him” around this same time. See below.

An investigator set up 2 flashlights for a Q&A session and we were able to get some intelligent responses. Through asking we came across a couple possibilities on who is in this location. 3 possible spirits, a little boy the age of 8 who liked to play baseball, an older gentleman and a female.

Tim was conducting a Franks Box session; Tim said that box itself, moved on the table while he was near it.

We ended the investigation around 12:00 am.



EVP’s captured during investigation:

“Can you see” EVP class C: At about 3 seconds in, there seems to be a voice that says ” Can you see” or Can you see him” .


“Blamed Me” EVP class C: This evp may say “Blamed me” starting at 6 seconds in a male whisper


“NO” EVP class C: Gayle is asking for the possible entity to use the K2 meter somehow. At 13 seconds a loud whisper “no” can be heard.


“Earlier” EVP CLASS “B”: which we believe to say “Earlier” starting at 5 seconds in a young male whisper.


“WHO” EVP class A: This EVP sounds like “Who? ” starting at 09 seconds in a male whisper, Tim had asked which house was the entities and then John followed up by asking about a specific house in the vicinity which he had investigated previously.


It’s MCGH’s belief that the spirit activity that the client is reporting is currently caused from the surrounding area as well as traffic related deaths that have occurred near the store on Michigan Ave over the years. We believe that the businesses as well as the occupants are not in any danger and MCGH will return at a later date if the activity increases and clients request MCGH to reinvestigate the location. The important thing to remember is to take control of your property if you and the spirits can co-exist in the same building as if you are roommates.

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