Westland Historic Village Adult Ghost Walk, 9 April 2016

Westland Historical Village

Brenda and Ed’s teamIMG_4893

While in the Rowe House (Future Eloise Museum) the following EVP’s were captured

While the SP-11 session was occurring the heat increased in the area.

Ghost Radar: Brief, Cool

Whistling was captured in the beginning

I’m Hungry

SP-11 Session captured “I stand next to you everyday.”

When Ed says, Moving upstairs in the Rowe House we captured “You’re going to break.”

Upstairs in the Rowe house


Things change when you turn 40 GIGGLE

Felton Farmhouse

Brenda and Ed’s Team

Ghost 4

Brenda was on site earlier in the day and was taking photos. Not saying this is evidence but it’s very interesting. She was all by herself. The 32 is a tag inside the building.

Ghost Radar: Kepler, Correct, llephant, Doesn’t, Smile, Gain, Frog, Cake, Airplane, Road, Block, Duty, Town, World, Wander, Speed

During the session, participants reported feeling “Strange” where they were sitting (near the corner where the spinning wheel sits. Other groups reported having their hair played with in that same spot.

Original photo at the Felton Farm house

Original photo at the Felton Farm house








You will here do you like music, yeah, do you like “AHHUH”

Tim W and Gayle’s Team


EVP’s Captured by Brenda and Ed

When asking about music, in mid sentence you hear “Ah-hah”

Tim W and Gayle’s team

Melissa, Terry and Joe’s Team

Collins House  (former Stage Coach stop of Nankin Twp)

Brenda and Ed’s Team

We had K-II activity in the main room

Ghost Radar: Pretty, Cent, Chief, Sir, Beside, Cave,

SP-11 Session

Find my mom

Help Her….Get your phone…Don’t you know me


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