Westland Historical Village, 10 July 2015

This is our second time investigating the site.  See January 2014 for previous investigationThe_Octagon_House

DATE: 10 July 2015

CONDITIONS: 83°F High, 56°F Low, Precip: 0.0 in, Wind Speed / Gusts: SSE at 3 mph gusting to 13 mph

INVESTIGATORS PRESENT: John, Brenda, Gayle, Kate, Donald

EQUIPMENT USED: K2 Meters, Mel Meter, audio recorders, flashlights, EM pumps, ghost touches, motion detectors

Octagon House

This session was located in the basement of the Octagon house. The basement consists of one large open room with the staircase coming down in the center of the southernmost side. There was also a small concrete staircase that led to the outside through two large wooden storm doors. Many artifacts were placed around the basement room on shelves, tables or on the ground. In one area of the basement some electrical equipment was kept running for security of the village. This equipment produced a dull buzzing sound which could be heard throughout the session. All team members except John were seated on chairs near the bottom of the wooden staircase. John was seated at a table near the running electrical equipment. Three EM pumps were placed on the ground where the team sat and at some point during the session a couple ghost touches were deployed. No ghost touches were unexpectedly set off during the session though.

This is the only EVP session where the entire team wasn’t present. During this session, Gayle, Kate, Donald and one of the historical society ladies investigated the second floor room with the white dress on the wall and the wooden ceiling. A motion sensor and a baby doll trigger object were placed in the kid’s room with another motion sensor covering the top of the stairs. During this session none of these devices unexpectedly were triggered. The rest of the team remained quiet on the first floor. Don’s recorder was on the glass case next to the door and Kate’s was on the dresser.

When the second team arrived and conducted a session in the basement, we captured an EVP saying, “Hands off.”

A ghost box session was conducted and the following messages were captured:

When asked how many were there, you will hear “About one.”

We then captured on the Ghost Box, “I was believed.”

This last one appears to be correcting us by saying, “That’s not…”

Gayle was looking for a wedding dress and she captured an EVP saying, “It’s not here”

Felton Farm HouseFarmHouse Photo

This session was located in the farmhouse that is located on the south east corner of the property. It lies close to the road and with the front door having gaps around it many sounds and lights from outside contaminated the living room where the session was conducted. Each of the team members sat in a rough circle around the perimeter of the room. A motion sensor was placed at the top of the stairs and another was placed in the kitchen but neither was activated during this session. Several EM pumps were deployed in the middle of the living room. Don’s recorder was placed on the ground in the center of the room by the EM pumps and Kate’s was located on the floor in front of her.

EVP’s captured during investigation

Brenda is asking if someone was trying to warn us about what was going to happen in the farmhouse the first time we were there and we captured, “Me.”

Brenda asks if someone needs to be recognized from the past and you hear, “Joseph”

While talking about the shoes, Gayle says, “How short they are” and you hear “Get Out.”

The Cooper House (Museum office)

This session was located in the building on the north east corner of the property. The building mostly consists of one large room with a couple smaller side rooms and a bathroom. The historical society uses this building as their office so there are many shelves with records and other papers around the room. There is a large conference table in the center of the main room where everyone sat during the session. Four EM pumps were placed in a square north of the conference table with a ghost touch in the middle. A couple other ghost touches were also placed on the table but none of them were activated during the session.

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Jo Johnson is talking about the different historical groups and when she mentions the Friends of Eloise, you hear a “Yeah”

 Rowe House

While John and Ed were in the Rowe House, they were talking about a well known Ghost Hunter named Zak.  Ed captured the following EVP.


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