Westland Historical Village, 31 Jan 2015

Investigators: John, Cas, Kellie, Mike, and Brenda

Equipment: FLIR, Olympus Recorder, Digital Camera, Ovilus, Frank’s Box, Mag Light Flashlight, Rem-pod

Weather:  Pending Snow Storm

Case Background and Claims

Museum staff reported feeling “Creeped Out” when in the home.  Felton Farm House


The Felton Farmhouse resides on its original site. Built in 1860 for Walter Felton and wife Loretta.  Loretta brought to step children into the marriage Kate and George and had one child with Walter.  Walter passed away in 1891 and Loretta 1901.  They are buried in Newburgh Cemetery.

The stepson of Walter Felton, George P Hubbell was a member of MI 24th INF, Co C, the Iron Brigade. He left home 1962 & never came home. He died of his wounds on May 17, 1864 at Fredericksburg, VA was first buried at Gales Farm, VA then moved to the national cemetery at Fredericksburg.


Fenton House Parlor

While setting up for the investigation, Brenda ran her audio recorder and three minutes into the recording a whistling was captured.

John’s recorder captured “I’m Ervy” when the team was taking readings of EMF and Temperature in the building.

We had some rem-pod activity and it appeared to respond well with touching the rem-pod.

Brenda captured an EVP stating “Return” when John is doing temperature readings in the parlor and Cas is trying to figure out the whistling from the heating system. Could this be George Hubbard telling us he wants to “return” home?


One, Go, Gate, Surge, Check, Bring, Banshee, Why, Quarantine, Male, Coffee, Study, With, Wall, Thus, Cute, Important, First, Pants, Share, Box, Lemon, Valley, Second, Neck, Ate, Cave, Repeated, Malice, Do Not, Barn, Death, Western, Tablet, Belong, Toward, Choke,   Valley, Biblical, Fist, Pet, Afraid, Penny, Male, Home, Wisdom, Malice, Cancer, Mission, Astral, Point, Quarantine, Dock, Death, Fist, Belong, Candy, Alien, Happy,  Jacket, Do Not ,War, First, Malice, Do Not, Box, Western, Fruit, Barn, First, Hand, Western, Malice, Dust, Cells, Kansas, Quarantine, Tear, Fruit, War, Toward, Valley, Hello, That, Honor,  Fist, Phantom, Dock, Quarantine, Cells, Mission, Brother, Valley, Fist, Dust, Important,  Honor, Hand, Astral, Similar, Meat, Gather

At one point we were getting “Valley” on the Ovilus and George Hubbard died and is buried in Fredericksburg, VA in the Shenandoah Valley of VA.

Brenda captured another EVP when John is talking about President Lincoln being assassinated and an EVP is captured saying, “That’s disgusting.”

Kelli captured an EVP saying, “Amen” in the parlor as well.

During the session, we heard movement from the upstairs numerous times and in the kitchen and dining room area. John’s recorder captured this movement.

While using the Ovilus, John captures an EVP saying, “Return.”

A scream was captured in the farm house when Brenda says, “Tell us what the temperature is (laughs)” then you can hear the scream (use headphones).

The Octagon House “Guthrie House”

Staff were interviewed and stated most activity occurs for them in the Octagon House. Motion sensors go off and the security company calls the staff and when they get there no one is in the house.  They believe it’s the gate that opens on its own.  There are feelings of uneasiness and a gate to the basement consistently opens on its own and it’s hard to do because of a small barrier on the floor.  Another volunteer state they feel “Creeped out when they go inside” and “Odd feelings”, hair stands up on the arms.  One volunteer refuses to go inside the Octagon House by himself and may be due to the items from Eloise that is stored there and was slowly brought over to the site throughout 2014.

History Octagon House

History: The Octagon House was originally where the old Clyde Smith Farm and Greenhouse used to be on Newburgh Road.  The home was owned by Melvin and Vera Guthrie. Their children were: Rosemary, Melvin and Thomas.  After the death of the parents, Rosemary came into possession of the home and upon her death the home was given to the City of Westland.


: Upon entering the Octagon house, the museum staff found lights on in the basement.  It is unsure if the lights were left on due to a worker being down there earlier or if they came on by themselves.  In the area down there, there are many artifacts from the old Wayne County Hospital also known as “Eloise.”


While we were down there we had some K-II activity and flashlight activity. The ovilius was giving words such as barn and box.  The barn on the site was donated by Elmer McKee and he may have been trying to tell the staff to check a box in the barn.

Ovilus Session:

Signal, Kansas, Chimp, Death, Dollar, Tube, Mean, Cancer, She, Yield, Tube, Gave, Barn, Wisdom, Point, Copy, Second, Mammoth, Study, Bomb, Do Not, Cool, Meat, Tube, Cancer, Fear, Fruit, Yield, Hand, Rates, Nose, Home, Jacket, Repeated, Fist, Death, Box, Lemon, Choke, Pretty, Tube, Alien, Death, Brother, Point, Abyss, Wisdom, Barn, War, Dust, Box, Fear, One, Choke, Study, Important, Kansas, She, Malice, Special, Subtract, Fear, Hello, Block, Coin, War, Do Not, Pretty, Thus, Natural, Fear, Hello, Tablet, Study, Thus, Proud, Special, Hand, Astral, Fear ,First, Evolution, She, Special, Embark, Sallies, Natural, Coin, Represent, Special,  Yellow, Thus, Fist, Since, Brother, Thus, Yellow,  Fist, Special

A Frank’s Box session was completed.  During this session, and entity was trying to tell us there was something important in the barn.Barn

“Something Important”


“Important Paper”

Brenda captured no EVP’s during this session.

A couple of days after the investigation, museum staff reported that “the box” and it does have a reference. Elmer had a very pretty box filled with arrowheads (point) that he really liked. In that Octagon House we also have Elmer’s couch and his wife’s wedding dress.


Conclusions / Any other info you feel the case manager should know for the report:

It is believed that George Hubbell stepson of Walter Felton is active in the Felton Farmhouse. There was a little activity in the Octagon House and this could be due to being the first investigation at this site.  It is believed if more investigation are conducted, the entities in the home will be able to comfortably communicate with the team.

We would like to thank the Westland Historical Society for giving us the opportunity to investigate the sites and look forward to working with them in the future.


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