Westland (Norwayne) Residence, December 29, 2018

Date:  12-29-18
Temperature:  31 Degrees and overcast with humidity of 72%
Moon Phase: Last Quarter, 49% Visible
Investigators:  Ronda, Sarah, Rodney, Dawn, Joe
Equipment:  Pre-Investigation Kit, K-II Meters, EMF 360 Puck, Flashlights, EM Pumps, Kinect SLS Camera, Video Camera, Voice Recorders, Portal App.

History: No prior tenant names are available. Sub-division was built in 1942 and was used to house workers at the nearby defense industry plants, including Willow Run Bomber Plant. After the end of World War II, the federal government decided to sell houses to individual residents, with preference given to veterans. In 1948, the local township took over operation of water and sewer services for the subdivision, and in 1953, sales of individual homes began. However, by as early as 1962, some units had deteriorated to the point that demolition was required. Over the years, home ownership declined and some units deteriorated further, earning the neighborhood the pejorative name, “Shacktown.” Both elementary schools in the neighborhood were closed in 2008. This subdivision is also within a few miles from Eloise and a large local cemetery.








Client claims:  Child being pulled under the bed. Doors slamming and locking by themselves. Items being thrown. Items disappearing. An entity that shows itself to children and women. Entity appears to be an older woman with long hair. Entity has shown itself covered in blood, and battered and bruised. Residence of the household do feel threatened at times. There are other claims of unexplained voices, unexplained footsteps, and other sounds. Also, there have been times that someone has the feeling of being touched.

Pre-Investigation:  Dawn and Rodney walked the exterior of the building. The building is a duplex that has two separate apartments. The location is quiet with occasional plane flying overhead due to proximity to airport. Also there is an occasional train in the distance. EMF activity present outside due to the numerous power lines. Ronda sat down with the clients and went over all the forms. The rest of the team completed a pre-investigation of the main floor and the upstairs. We picked up on a lot of footsteps and noises from the duplex next door. The walls were thin and we could hear their conversations and also could hear the children running up and down the stairs. We had high EMF activity in the master bedroom and the bathroom. The electric box looked new as did the water heater. Outlets were all grounded and seemed up to code. Furnace seemed to be working properly and there was no loud noises or any other noises out of the ordinary. Noticed during the pre-investigation, that there was two urns sitting on the TV in the living room. When placing a K-II next to the urns, we had a response of three lights on the K-II.

Investigation: Ronda stayed in the kitchen with the clients as Dawn, Rodney, Sarah and Joe set up in the master bedroom/hallway area on the upstairs level. Very high noise detection at the stairway due to the apartment next door. Rodney had set up his vibration detector and most of the time it registered 1/2 to 3/4 of the light bar. Joe set up his SLS Kinect camera in the hallway facing the master bedroom. Numerous flash lights were set up in the master bedroom. We also set up a 360 EMF detector, and 2 EM pumps. Throughout the investigation, we had multiple flashlight responses as well as numerous 360 EMF responses. The team decided to use the portal app to attempt communication. At one point, we made contact with a young child and an older gentleman. We received confirmation with the communication via the flashlights coming on and turning off. The client and the client’s niece joined us in the master bedroom. She recognized the older gentleman’s voice as her fiance’s father. The two did have a conversation. We communicated with the man and helped him cross over. During the conversation with the young child, we had a small stick figure show on the SLS Camera but it only lasted about a minute or two. We were unable to ask it any commands and it never reappeared on the SLS Camera. There was no validation of the stick figure. Sarah did pick up on other spirits in the next duplex but we could not enter that duplex without permission. The client stated that they knew how to sage and had everything to sage the residence.

Conclusion: We would like to thank the client for inviting us to do the investigation at their home. We believe we crossed over the small child and the fiance’s father for a place befitting of them. We believe there was definitely activity occurring at the site. As a team, we feel the location is constantly going to be active. As long as the client and her family reside here, there will always be activity.


Click here: Kinect video evidence – WESTLAND










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