Whitefish Point Lighthouse and Museum; September 24 – 25, 2010

Case Background and Claims:2010_10_24_WhitefishpointHistoric

Whitefish Point is located on the northern edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the eastern edge of Lake Superior. It is the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior having been first lit in 1849 and the current structure was built in 1861 at the beginning of the civil war. The site is on the national register of historic locations. It is also a major flyway for avian species. Over 300 species of birds use this area as a rest stop on their migration route.

It includes several historic buildings 1) Shipwreck Museum: includes artifacts and history of many shipwrecks from the Great Lakes. 2) Light Keepers House 3) Boat House: includes artifacts, re-creations and history of life-saving equipment and techniques 4) Crew Quarters: only available for people who book an overnight stay in the quarters. 5) Gift Shop and 6) Theater: watch a short video about how the bell was raised from the Edmund Fitzgerald. There is also a monument to the Edmund Fitzgerald on the beach that visitors can explore.

Whitefish Point is the home of a former coastguard station and Whitefish Point Lighthouse is the oldest active light on Lake Superior.  It is a designated important bird area where the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory conducts important research.

The Edmund Fitzgerald:
The Edmund Fitzgerald disappeared with a crew of 29 men on Lake Superior November 10, 1975, 17 miles from Whitefish Point, Michigan. Whitefish Point is the site of the Whitefish Point Light Station and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

At the request of family members surviving her crew, the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society recovered the Fitzgerald’s 200 lb. bronze bell, which is now on display in the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point.


  • Investigators: JohnSue,Chass, Chris, Jason, Cathy, Don, Teri, Tom,  Holly, & Scott
  • Weather: Rainy, windy, cold low 40s
  • Date: September 24 – 25, 2010

DAY 1 OF INVESTIGATION2010_10_24_Whitefishpoint_Work_House

September 24th
Teri, Cathy & Chass started investigating on the beach, where they got a few K2 hits and felt like they were being watched and that someone was very near them. Chass’ recorder also paused for no reason.

Teri, Cathy & Chass moved to the Museum. Both Chass and Teri reported seeing some shadow movement. After asking a few questions with no response, Chass began speaking Native American and the flashlight began blinking immediately.  It seems as though this “opened the flood gates” so to speak, to a lengthy EVP question and answer session.  After establishing a “yes & no” flash pattern we used the flashlight as a tool, and the consistency of responses gave the impression that it was intelligent communication with a spirit.  Through questions & answers we determined the woman presence was that of a Native American woman who grew up in the area.  We determined she lost her baby boy to an illness, which neither she nor the elders could cure. Perhaps she lingered because she was reluctant to leave her baby behind.

It is also worth mentioning that during this question and answer period, Cathy felt as though someone was playing with her hair.  When we shined the flashlight on her head both Chass & I could see a select few strands of hair moving slightly, on side of Cathy’s head.  Questions were asked if this action was caused by the Native American woman, and the flashlight again flashed on (for yes).

Further, one of the employees of Whitefish stated earlier that she had seen the vision of an Indian woman in the museum once during her employment.  She stated she did not feel threatened but was curious about her.  Having that information, Chass questioned that the Indian woman allowed the employee to see her as she reminded the woman of a girlfriend/or cousin.  This instinct was confirmed with an affirmation of the flashlight, as consistently as previous questions.

The entire Whitefish Point complex is closed to the public after 5pm, so they were surprised to find a man sitting in his car in the parking lot, which the security guard was telling to leave. This EVP was recorded outside the Museum while Teri, Chass & Cathy were discussing the man in his car. An unidentified voice is talking under Chass.

Meanwhile, Jason, Chris & Don investigated the Boathouse. They had about a 10 minute Q&A session with a spirit using the flashlight, and the K2 meter.  They asked the spirit to manipulate the object that would be easiest to communicate with, then the k2 meter flashed. Then, they asked if it would like the flashlight removed, and we had another positive response on the k2.

On Jason’s way to the Light keepers house, he found the door locked. He radioed for them to let him in and while he waited, Jason heard his name called from inside the house and saw a pair of legs coming down the left stairwell. Jason waited for the person to open the door, not knowing what was taking so long. Finally Chris came down the right stairwell to open the door and Jason asked him how he got there. Chris said no one came down the left stairwell or said his name. Once inside on the first floor, they both heard footsteps coming from upstairs when no one was up there.

While in the Light keepers House, Don looked out the window and saw the shadow of someone walking across the sidewalk. While Cathy 2010_10_24_Whitefishpoint_Don_Saw_Shadow_Lightkeeper_Orb_Outsidewas outside, she saw a shadow (definitely over 5 feet in high, possibly near 6 feet) slip behind the Light Keeper’s House. She and Chass went to check it out and found no one walking around.

Cathy, Chass, & Teri went to the Light keepers House and felt a threatening presence. When they went upstairs they heard banging coming from downstairs and movement noises as if someone was walking around downstairs.  We actually thought someone had entered the house, but after calling out to them there was no response.

The team wrapped things up and headed back to the Crew Quarters where they did some investigating before turning in for the night.

Jason was doing an EVP session in the living room and he heard what seemed like a lullaby coming from the kitchen. On the recording you can hear a television in the background first, then the lullaby, which is a different volume. John’s voice can also be heard over the recording.

They also heard footsteps in the Crews Quarters when no one was walking around.

Activity also occurred throughout the night while the team slept.

While laying in bed, Jason heard a door slam. He looked into it and found out it was Chass’ bathroom door which had shut for no reason.  Then, around 4:00am, Jason was woken up by something tugging on his covers from the foot of the bed.While drifting off to sleep, Teri and Chass heard a door in the hallway slam – very loud – at least twice. In the morning, they asked everyone if they had slammed a door and no one claimed to have done so.Sue felt someone grab her, and then heard someone whisper in her ear “I’m sorry sweetheart.”

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

“cough” EVP Class B  : At about 2.5 seconds in, the crew in the Light keepers House hears what sounds like a cough.

“John” EVP Class B  :  John is talking and under his voice, about 2 sec in a voice says “John” then about a second later, “die”.

“Inaudible” EVP Class B  : An unidentified voice is talking under Chass’ voice.


DAY 2 OF INVESTIGATION2010_10_24_Whitefishpoint_Crew_Quarters_1_cool_photo

September 25th
While Chass, Chris, Don, John, Jason, Cathy and Teri  were relaxing in the kitchen of the Crews Quarters, Chass was becoming irritated at the presence she felt in the house.  Jason became agitated, and left the room.   John provoked the presence to leave Chass alone when Chass then felt a burning sensation on her back.  Teri captured the appearance of scratches on video.

[embed_youtube src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/0iTIs3bIDAQ” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


Don, Jason, Tom, Chris, & Teri began by investigating the Light keepers House.  Chris, Jason, Teri & Tom were getting hits on the K-2 meter in the kitchen while asking if there was a woman in the house who enjoyed cooking meals for their family.  The hits on the K-2 appeared in direct response to the questioning, but too inconsistent to be conclusive.  The final question we asked was if any entities wanted us to leave and all three K-2’s flashed so we all left the building.

2010_10_24_Whitefishpoint_K2_with_orbChass, John, Scott & Holly (with Robert, too)
We initially talked to the young Indian woman in the Museum, which reiterated our discoveries from the night before, as well a young blonde girl.  We then communicated with a male presence, who revealed that he worked in the boiler room of one of the ships.  We were getting consistent communication with the flashlight until we approached the idea of crossing the three spirits over.  While it seemed that both the young Indian woman and the young girl were eager for this, the male presence was not able to make a decision and was controlling the flashlight and communication.  This prevented us from making much progress and we moved on (but we also told the next  group coming in to investigate to contact us if communication was made with the young woman or girl, which they did at 12:30).

Chris, Jason, Don, Tom, and Teri went over to the Museum where we found a flashlight that John had left, telling Chris that they had made some contact in there previously, because if any spirits wanted to be crossed over, they should light the flashlight.  We began an evp session in which Teri addressed the Native American woman, asking if she knew she had passed and would she like to be crossed over.  The flashlight immediately lit up.  Further questioning of her was met with like responses of the flashlight so Chris called John to come in and assist in crossing her over. However when John, Chass, and Holly arrived, Teri sensed the woman pull back and we were unable to obtain any further responses from the flashlight.  Teri could feel a complete sense of “flatness” in the room and felt as though she was gone.

At the end of the evening, the crew were back in their rooms in the Crews Quarters. Jason & Cathy had an issue with the bathroom light being turned off when the switch was still in the “on” position. They figured the lightbulb was bad & blew out, but it came back on again later. In the morning when they woke up, it was back off.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

“Shouting”  EVP Class  C :  An EVP that sounds like a child shouting occurs first, then our investigators react to it by saying “where was that from?” “downstairs”.

 “Grab this”  EVP Class A : After Tom says fighter pilot, a child’s voice says “I grab this”.




During our previous visit to Whitefish Point, we only encountered spirits of a kind, protective and benevolent nature. This visit, however, included an encounter that involved Chass being scratched in the kitchen of the Crew’s Quarters that was more menacing than anything we previously encountered here. Was this a new entity recently brought in? It seemed inconsistent with our experiences here.

Because of its deep history, Whitefish Point could be host to much residual phenomena. The location deserves the respect of both ghost adventurers, history enthusiasts and tourists looking to expand their understanding of our Great Lakes history.  It was an honor to be guests of such an extraordinary place, stewarded by such dedicated and gracious employees.

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