Whitefish Point Lighthouse And Great lakes Shipwreck Museum Night 2: September 24, 2011

Case Background and Claims:

383_296061_290929630917250_This is MCGHs’ 4th visit to Whitefish Point Light Station and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Each time we go we are welcomed with open arms and the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We really love everyone who takes care of us up there.

Whitefish Point is located on the northern edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the eastern edge of Lake Superior. It is the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior having been first lit in 1849 and the current structure was built in 1861 at the beginning of the civil war. The site is on the national register of historic locations. It is also a major flyway for avian species. Over 300 species of birds use this area as a rest stop on their migration route.

It includes several historic buildings 1) Shipwreck Museum: includes artifacts and history of many shipwrecks from the Great Lakes. 2) Light Keepers House 3) Boat House: includes artifacts, re-creations and history of life-saving equipment and techniques 4) Crew Quarters: only available for people who book an overnight stay in the quarters. 5) Gift Shop and 6) Theater: watch a short video about how the bell was raised from the Edmund Fitzgerald. There is also a monument to the Edmund Fitzgerald on the beach that visitors can explore.

Whitefish Point is known as the Graveyard of Ships as more vessels have been lost here than in any other part of the lake. Hundreds of vessels, including the famed Edmund Fitzgerald, lie on the bottom of the bay.


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Before investigating, some of the team was setting up the DVR system in the Keeper’s Quarters. Tim was by the stairs that lead to the very top floor and he had a chill take over his whole body.  He described it as if all the hair stood up on his arms and his whole body going numb and tingly. Tim kept talking to whatever it was and it went away after about 20 seconds. He stayed up there a little bit longer and moved to a different room, but could not get anything back, so he headed down and the team was all going to eat pizza. As he got to the second level, just before he reached the stairs, he heard a disembodied voice of a woman or girl yell out “don’t go.” Next time I bet he’ll carry a voice recorder while setting up!



  • Date: 9/23/2011
  • Investigators: John, Kellie, Tim, Tom, Mark, Don, Teri, Jason, Cathy, Chris.


The Shipwreck Museum Investigation –


From 9:25-10PM, Don, Tom and Rob investigated in the museum. From 10:15-11:10, Jason and Tim investigated in the museum.  At 10:26 PM, Tim thought he saw something on his camera.  At 10:35, they decided they were not going to pay any attention to any entities who were there at the time and just look at all the things.  They heard multiple little clicks and shuffling.  At 10:41 PM, they heard a loud tap on the glass when they were discussing if a certain ship went down on Carlson’s watch. At 10:53 PM, they heard a squeak and Jason thought he heard it from the entrance. They went over there and opened and let it swing close and it was the exact squeak they heard. The door was really easy to move, so they figured that it would be a good way to communicate with a spirit. Tim had a Geophone on his phone so he leaned the phone against the door and they tested it by tapping on the door and it went off. They asked for one blip to be yes and two blips to be no. They had a few yes and no questions answered, and they also asked it to give them the number of blips to represent how many spirits were there. It blipped four times. Jason said “four?” And it blipped once immediately. They ended at 11:10 PM.

From 11:35 PM – 12:10 AM, John and Chris investigated in the museum. Chris placed his recorder by where the divers are, and John placed his recorder and video camera in the front of the museum. John started to read about all the ships that have wrecked near Whitefish Point and the date of the wrecks. John had to go get a new radio from base at the Keeper’s Quarters. Chris stayed behind until John came back. Chris heard a man say something, so he said hello, but no one answered him. Chris went to check it out, but no one was there. They started an EVP session, and asked if they were talking to the Indian Woman and the flashlight came on. John started to provoke the male spirit.  They both felt the Indian woman around them, so Chris asked if the woman would like to talk to Chass and they both saw the flashlight turn on.  They ended at 12:10 AM, so the girls could come into the museum.

From 12:15-1:00 AM, Chass, Kellie, and Teri investigated in the museum, with Cathy joining them a little later.  Chass and Teri immediately felt the presence of the Native American woman that the girls were able to communicate with in their flashlight session last year.  Chass attempted to get her to communicate with the team by speaking in Native tongue, but got no response.  Chass asked Teri to try to contact the young sailor she and John felt last year on the other side of the museum, and Teri could feel his determined presence, but obtained no evidence of it. Cathy joined the girls at 12:44 AM. Chass was attempting to cross over the Indian woman who was in the museum, but the man did not want her to.  Teri heard a noise, and Cathy got goose bumps.  Then, Chass felt like her hair was moving, which they could all visible see (this happened to Cathy last year in the museum).  This happened for over a minute, and then Chass continued to address the man.  Teri described him as seductive and charming, and then Chass started to feel as if the back of her neck was being rubbed.  Teri connected that he has seduced the woman, hence why she does not want to leave the museum.  Chass started to address the woman again and convince her to cross over and be with her baby.  Teri and Chass both started to feel as if the woman was getting angry and protective of the man.  Chass told the woman she needs to make a choice between the man and her baby.  Chass asked for a noise if the woman wanted us to leave.  In response, Chass thought she heard a knock and Teri thought she heard a clinking noise.  Chass asked for another noise and heard something.  About five minutes later, Chass reported smelling a strong smell of diesel gasoline / kerosene.  They tried to talk to the man and told him that no one blames him for what happened, which they believe is why he is afraid to cross over.  Teri said she got the feeling that he saved others by pulling them to safety.  Chass smelled the gasoline smell again.  Teri, Cathy, and Kellie all reported feeling goose bumps.  They tried to talk him into crossing over, so he can be honored for saving those he saved.  Chass and Teri reported that he started to get angry again.  Chass heard the word, “go,” which is why the group ended up leaving.  Chass also had a headache.  The team stopped at 1:00 AM.

Audio Obtained from the Shipwreck Museum

“GO” Disemobodied Voice: At about 3 seconds in you hear “go” Chass comments on it right after.


The Lighthouse Keepers Quarters Investigation –

350_IMG_2735From 9:25-9:55 PM, John and Chass started in the Keeper’s Quarters. Chass was watching the DVR, while John was investigating on the first floor. John put a doll in the hallway to see if they could make contact with Bertha (Carlson’s granddaughter who lived in the home). There were two balls upstairs on the steps for Bertha’s brother. While Chass was watching the DVR, a light came on by the front door. John was standing by the DVR and got a cold chill up his spine. Shortly after, Chass got a cold chill that went up her spine about three minutes after John did. Chass heard a giggle, but the recorder did not pick it up.  John was telling the spirits that they are friendly and asked if they could be Bertha’s friend. The Ovilus said “friend” right after this.   Chass also saw the chain move in the children’s room. They ended at 9:55 PM.

From 9:55 until about 10:15, everyone took a break and got resituated at their new locations.  Teri, Cathy, Chass, and Kellie were standing on the front porch of the Keeper’s House, waiting for everyone to get into position at the other locations.  At 10:06, both Teri and Chass heard something, which they described as a kid screaming.  About a minute later, Chass and Kellie heard a popping sound, which Cathy captured on her recorder, but as we were outside, this could be debatable. (Cathy did hear this noise again two minutes later.)

From 10:15-11:10 PM, Cathy and Teri investigated the Keeper’s Quarters, while Kellie sat with Chass at the DVR.  Teri and Cathy went upstairs to “adult bedroom” (with the big, gold bed), and then moved down the hall to Bertha’s bedroom.  At 10:40, Teri and Cathy went down to the baby’s room, and then at 10:45, went downstairs to the west side of the house (which is modeled as the 1880s-1890s).  Teri and Cathy stopped to talk with Chass and Kellie, and the Ovilus said, “Jess” and “August.”  At 10:50, Chass said she had a pressure headache. The Ovilus then told us “beans.”  Things felt very mellow, so Cathy and Teri went over to the east side of the house (reflective of the 1920s).   At 11:05, Chass warned Cathy and Teri to be careful, as the Ovilus was saying things like “Satan,” “compare,” “map,” and “chain.”  At that time, Cathy and Teri were standing by one of the room chains and comparing information on the different signs.  Cathy and Teri rejoined Kellie and Chass.  The Ovilus then said “curse,” “Kim” (lighthouse keeper before Carlson was Kimball),  and “site.”  Chass and Teri both complained of having a headache.  Cathy asked if it could say one more word before we left, and immediately it said “Satan.”  It continued with “pillow” and “map.”  Cathy started to get a headache, too.  They ended at 11:10 PM.

We had a break from 11:10 until 11:30.  While we were standing around by the Keeper’s House, Tom was telling the story of the K-II hits on the beach, and Rob was standing next to Cathy, holding the K-II meter.  It spiked again while he standing there.

At 11:30 PM, Tom, Don, Rob, and Chass came in the Keeper’s Quarters. As they walked in the door, Chass’ back brace was pulled off and her hands were full; she felt a hand around her.  Don and Chass sat down to watch the DVR, while Tom and Rob went upstairs to investigate. John had to come back to the Keeper’s Quarters to get a new radio. As John was changing out the radio, Chass saw a ball of light in the corner of the hallway. John said he saw it out of the corner of his eye. John left and then Don and Chass heard  a little girl talking back to Tom and Rob. This was not picked up on Chass’ recorder. Tom and Rob came downstairs at this time and the K-II meter was lighting up.  They asked if it was Bertha and it light up and keep on going for a while. They ended at 12:05 AM

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Lighthouse Keepers Quarters

“Find Me”EVP Class B: In this  EVP you can hear Cathy talk then right after, you can hear a breathy voice, that sounds like it says “find me” (it has been enhanced).


“Bertha” EVP Class C: After you hear Tom say are you Bertha? you hear a soft voice repeat “Bertha, Bertha” After you can hear Tom responding because the K2 meter went off.


“Praying” EVP Class B: In this clip you Chris is adjusting the camera, and you can hear a female voice say “Praying or Brian”. What we do know is that voice shouldn’t be there



The Boathouse Investigation –

308_IMG_2664From 9:10-9:55 PM, Jason and Tim investigated in the Boathouse. At 9:14 PM, Tim was looking out a window towards the Crew Quarters when he saw a shadow of an arm in the kitchen window like someone was passing through (but all team members were in their locations in the various buildings – no one was in the house).  At 9:30 PM, they used the ghost box and heard a number of words (this is the first time either of them had this much success with it).  When they turned it on, they said hello and heard “hello” from the ghost box, then “how do you do.”  They asked for a name and, clear as day, they heard the name “Robinson.”  They also asked for the spirit to light up the K-II and heard a “wait.” They were just sitting around and heard “reef boat,”  and as they were about to turn off the box, Jason said bye and it said “good bye.”  They wrapped up at 9:55 PM.

From 10-10:50 PM, John and Chris investigated in the Boathouse. The temperature in the boat house was 65 degrees,  and EMF was 0.5 at this time. They placed the Geo Phone on the floor, and Chris had the K-II meter. They started an EVP session and also used a flash light. The flashlight did turn on and answered some questions.  The Geo Phone went off a couple of times.  The motion detector went off two time within a four minute span. John got a cold chill that went up his spine. Chris and John asked if the spirit they were talking to was Mr. Robertson and the flash light came on as to answer yes. John had asked if there were any men that were on the Edmund Fitzgerald and  the Geo Phone went off again. John asked if the men liked the way the new owner were restoring Whitefish Point, as well as asked if they would like us to help build  a monument, and the Geo Phone light up. Chris asked John to take a picture of the doorway because he thought he had seen a shadow. John took a look at the picture, but didn’t see anything. John again got a cold chill up his spine.  Right after that, John saw a shadow by the second window. They ended at 10:50 PM.

From 11:30 PM – 12:05 AM, Teri, Kellie and Cathy investigated in the Boathouse. Things seemed to be really quiet in the boathouse.  They sat around, attempting to do an EVP/ Q&A session.  Things were really quiet and boring, so they started telling stories about things they had experienced in their lives.  Then, the group sat in silence for a while, or with Kellie and Cathy talking.  They ended at 12:05 AM.


Audio Evidence Obtained in the Boathouse

“Nicht…my watch” EVP Class A: This EVP sounds like a man say Nicht (not in German) my watch. Back when Carlson was the keeper, he had a german spy escorted off the property. Could this be the spy?

 “Ghost hunters, what are your careers” EVP Class A: This one is one of the oddest evps we have ever caught! Its really clear, and it says “ghost hunters, what are your careers!”



The Beach Investigation –

318_SDC12701From 9:10-9:55 PM, Teri, Cathy, Kellie and Chris went down to the beach, starting first at the memorial for the three men from the Fitzgerald.  At 9:18, Teri reported seeing a shadow of what appeared to be a 5’9’’ to 6’ male walking along the shoreline.  This immediately disappeared. (Important to note that Chris saw a shadow on the beach the night before).  At about 9:20, the group moved further down the beach.  At about 9:25, Teri says that she feels like someone is watching them, and describes it as male, protective, and wondering what they are doing.  Chris, too, agrees that it feels like something is watching them.  Just after 9:30, the group moved back to where the memorial is located.  At 9:35, Teri says she has a pressure headache and thinks that she is hearing kids (like playing).  They all added rocks to the memorial, and Kellie felt an overwhelming sense of sadness.  At about 9:40, they stopped on the beach and made their way up to the wooded walkway/deck area.  At 9:43, Chris and Teri said they still feel like they are being watched.  At 9:50, Cathy heard a noise that she described as like a male hum; Chris heard it, too.  Chris is also described seeing what he thought as a shadow walking in the kitchen window of the Crew Quarters.  Teri thought she saw some shadow movement in the maintenance building.  They ended at 9:55 PM.

From 10:15-11:10 PM, Tom, Don and Rob investigated at the beach. Rob had a K-II meter at memorial, Don went off 100 yards or so down the beach to the right, while Tom did the same to the left.  Tom stood facing the lake and asked if anyone from the Fitzgerald was there.  At that time, he had a cold feeling at his ankles that quickly radiated up his legs  through the trunk of his body and down both arms with goose bumps. As fast as it happened, it was gone. Tom was dumbstruck, finally calling out to Rob and Don.   He started walking towards them.  As he got to Rob, the K-II meter Rob was holding light up (this was the first hit).  Tom, Rob and Don walked to where Tom had his experience, and the K-II hits continued spiking to red.  Back at memorial, they did a Q&A session with recorders and continued to have a very active K-II meter.

At 12:30 AM, Tom, Rob, and John went back to the beach where Tom had his experience earlier.  They set up the equipment, and the first word from Ovilus was “comfort.”  Tom told told John that his experience felt really serene, peaceful, and somewhat comforting.  They went to the memorial.  The K-II meter started going off, but Tom would hold it, it would stop.  They would hand the K-II meter to Rob and it would go off again.  They did this numerous time and it would not light for Tom, but go crazy for Rob. As John and Tom were walking back to Crew Quarters (Rob had gone to lock up the museum), they were passing the Keeper’s Quarters, and Tom was looking toward bushes.  He saw “a darker then dark figure of a man, head, neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk of body” and described it as very fleeting, but he was looking straight at it.


The MCGH team are looking forward to returning next year in search for even more paranormal activity. Stay tuned..

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  1. Jeff Plitzkow

    Hi Just wanted to say that my wife and I visited the White Fish Point Museum back in 2003 while taking a driving tour around Lake Superior.We spent half the day there walking around the grounds a also up and down the beach area.I had very strange feelings there from the minute we steped out of the car.It was a feeling of sadness and that someone was always watching me.The areas where this was the strongest was in the museum are the most down on the beach.I had never knew that the area had history of hauntings before we visted the place.The Beach area really creeped me out because when we walking up and down it with or dog I always felt like something was watching us from behind the tree line area.Right after we got back in our car and drove out the grounds area it was like my whole mood changed where I felt happy again.Now I know I’m not nuts after reading your investigation about this place

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