Whitefish Point & Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Night 1; September 23, 2011

Case background & Claims:


This is MCGHs’ 4th visit to Whitefish Point Light Station and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Each time we go we are welcomed with open arms and the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We really love everyone who takes care of us up there.


Whitefish Point is located on the northern edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the eastern edge of Lake Superior. It is the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior having been first lit in 1849 and the current structure was built in 1861 at the beginning of the civil war. The site is on the national register of historic locations. It is also a major flyway for avian species. Over 300 species of birds use this area as a rest stop on their migration route.


It includes several historic buildings 1) Shipwreck Museum: includes artifacts and history of many shipwrecks from the Great Lakes. 2) Light Keepers House 3) Boat House: includes artifacts, re-creations and history of life-saving equipment and techniques 4) Crew Quarters: only available for people who book an overnight stay in the quarters. 5) Gift Shop and 6) Theater: watch a short video about how the bell was raised from the Edmund Fitzgerald. There is also a monument to the Edmund Fitzgerald on the beach that visitors can explore.


Whitefish Point is known as the Graveyard of Ships as more vessels have been lost here than in any other part of the lake. Hundreds of vessels, including the famed Edmund Fitzgerald, lie on the bottom of the bay.

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                                                Ghost Girl Video from the Keepers Quarters




  • Date: 9/23/2011
  • Investigators: John, Kellie, Tim, Tom, Mark, Don, Teri, Jason, Cathy, Chris.


239_SDC12694Shipwreck Museum Investigative Timeline –
From 8:55-9:45 PM, John, Tim, Tom and Mark (maintenance guy from Whitefish) investigated in the museum. Not much happened to them as there were in there, except a couple spikes on the EMF, but nothing with any significance. Later in the session, they all heard something, which Tim described as sounding like a ship horn possibly.

At 10 PM, Kellie, Don, and Teri set up to investigate in the museum, and Teri immediately sensed the presence of the Native American woman the team encountered last year.   She turned her recorder on and set it beside the Native American exhibit  and began to speak to the woman.  Within two minutes, Teri’s recorder shut off and remained so for the rest of the investigation.  They asked for a sign that someone was there, and Kellie heard shuffling (like footsteps, but not quite) on the carpet by the back door.  It was none of them (they tried to duplicate it and could not).  While they got a few hits on the K-2 meter, Teri sensed the woman coming and going towards them throughout the investigation, but backing off when Don came near her.  Some EVPs were captured during this time.

At 10:50 PM, Jason, Cathy, Chris, and Mark (from Whitefish) began investigating in the Shipwreck Museum, beginning their EVP session.  At 11:01 PM, they asked if someone was with them to give them some sign of their presence.  Almost immediately, the flashlight lit.  They asked it to turn it off and it responded promptly again.  At 11:03 PM, Jason’s video camera went out of focus and would not go back into focus for 20 seconds (he had to pan away to get it to focus).  At 11:06 PM, Jason asked if the spirit used to live on this land and the flashlight lit in response, eventually turning out when asked.  They tried several additional questions, but the flashlight would not respond.  They were getting frustrated and started throwing out random questions, and Cathy finally asked for another sign that someone was with them (as they were getting no responses).  The flashlight lit again, but was delayed in turning off when asked.  They continued with questions and once again, started using random ones (like “do you like steak?”)  Around 11:10 PM, Cathy asked if “it was an inappropriate time to ask boxers or briefs?”  Immediately, the flashlight lit.  They continued questions, getting another response when Chris tried to determine how many spirits were with us (it lit when he said “one”).  It lit one more time during their random questions, but would never light with serious questions.  At the very end, they told it that they would be back the next day, if not again tonight, and that they hoped it would communicate with them then.  Jason said he would come during the day, so it could “get to know us better,” and the light lit in confirmation.  We ended at 11:25 PM.

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Shipwreck Museum

“Drumbeat” EVP Class B: At about 3 seconds in you can hear a quick drumbeat under John speaking .


 Investigations in the Light Keeper’s Quarters

Whitefish Point_20120921_383_photo_2_

From 9:05-9:45, Teri, Don and Kellie investigated in the Keeper’s Quarters. Things seemed quiet in this location, but within the first 13 minutes, three EVPs were captured from a recorder that was on the kitchen floor of the Assistant Keeper’s Quarters.  Teri, Don and Kellie all got the chills each time they walked through the dining and parlor areas of the Assistant Keeper Quarters.  The investigation was sedate and the sessions appeared uneventful.  No K-II hits, no knock and response hits, and no flash light activity, but several EVPs were captured during this session.

Following the session, while Teri was moving from the Keeper’s Quarters to the Shipwreck Museum, she had a sensation that they were being watched from the Keeper’s Quarters, so she started snapping photos with her digital camera and caught a series of photos with a mist moving from the second floor of the LQ to beyond the roof.  As Teri was taking them, she noticed the darker area on the photo, so she asked Kellie to snap some shots with her camera as well, but she was unable to catch the same anomaly.

From 9:55-10:35 PM, Jason and Chris investigated the Keeper’s Quarters.  They were doing the walk through, just trying to get a quick feel of the place while the others set up.  They headed upstairs to change the tape, and as Jason looked down to see how much time was left on tape, he thought he saw a shadow on the camera’s viewfinder. At 9:59 PM, they came back downstairs and realized that a closet door was semi-open. Both Jason and Chris feel as if they would have noticed this when they were walking through.  At 10:05 PM, Jason had his hand extended with the K-II meter, and he felt a “cob-webby” sensation on his hand in the kitchen.  At 10:20 PM, they were upstairs and  Chris asked for Mr. Carlson to change the batteries in the smoke detector (it was beeping), then he heard keys jingle and about the same time I heard shuffling from the downstairs.  At 10:26 PM, Chris was sitting on the stairwell and Jason was sitting about three feet from him and he looked up to the third floor and thought he saw someone peek their head over the edge of the railing. Chris laid down on the floor and stared up at the third floor, then he thought he saw the same thing Jason saw.

From 10:50-11:25, Tom, Tim and John investigated in the Keeper’s Quarters. They finally got some different words on the Ovilus, but they still seemed really random and didn’t mean much. John’s recorder shut off probably three to four times.  They ended at 11:25 PM.

At 12:07 AM, Cathy and Kellie went in the Keeper’s House, starting out on the first floor.  At about eight minutes in, Cathy asked for them to make some sign of their presence.  She followed up by asking them to “mimic” the two knocks she made.  Immediately following, three quiet taps were captured on Cathy’s recorder, but not audible to the investigators’ ears.  About four minutes later, Cathy and Kellie heard noises upstairs, but ruled out that it may be just from the wind.  At 12:20 AM, they moved upstairs to investigate.  They set up a flashlight to try to do a flashlight session.  It turned on, but without their question prompting.  They asked for it to turn it off on the count of three, which it dimmed, but then got brighter.  Nothing much was happening, so they ended at 12:35 AM.

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Keepers Quarters

“Diego” EVP Class B: In this clip the Investigators are doing are just walking around and a voice is hear sounds like ” Diego”

“What” EVP Class A: Kellie is saying something about Chass having a feeling about something, and a quick “what” about 5 seconds in can be heard




Investigation on the beach

At 9:35 PM, Jason and Chris started doing an EVP session at the memorial. Jason asked “did you die on the Edmund Fitzgerald?” Chris turned around and he saw a figure coming up the beach towards them. He quickly shined the flashlight where he saw it, and there was nothing there. It got really uncomfortable, so they decided to retreat to the pathway in between the buildings.



Investigations in the Boathouse

248_IMG_2664From 8:45-9:30 PM, Jason and Chris investigated in the Boathouse.  Almost immediately, Chris got goose bumps, and Jason felt that the air was heavy. While in the boathouse, they tried using the flashlight to communicate, but it would turn on and not turn back off. At about 9:20 PM, they heard a knock and could not determine where it came from, then a couple minutes later, they hear a loud “gulp” noise. At 9:30 PM, they were just about to get up and head to the beach when Chris heard what sounded to be a heavy chain clang.

From 9:50-10:35 PM, Tom, Tim, John and Mark (from Whitefish) investigated in the Boathouse. Once again, it was quiet for the most part.  At one point, John took a photo of Tom that looked a little weird and had a light of some sort in it, but looked like IR reflection off the glass.  Later, John felt like he was being touched in the back, so Tim took some pictures, but nothing showed up.  They ended at 10:35 PM.

From 10:50-11:25 PM, Kellie and Don investigated in the Boathouse. Kellie and Don were talking about a man named Ocha who had rescued more than one ship crew in some really bad weather. During this time, Kellie captured a picture that appears to have some orbs in it.

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Boathouse

“Happy” EVP Class A: At the beginning of this clip you can hear a voice say “happy, I’m happy”, right after this EVP John comments on the K2 hitting

“Justice” EVP Class B: Tom John and Tim are doing an EVP session, at about 4.5 seconds into the clip your here a soft voice say “Justice” is this entity telling us the ship that he died on

Investigation in the Theatre

At 12:10 AM, Tom, Tim, and Jason started out in the upper part of  theatre, which is the break room for the workers. Tim was taking pictures of the room and they heard something move on the bookcase; it sounded like something rattled on top and hit the wall. They could not recreate the sound by moving objects.  At 12:28 PM, Jason stayed up with Tom and Tim was downstairs. At 12:39 AM, the girls (Cathy and Kellie) were about to join them in the theatre from the Keeper’s Quarters. Cathy and Jason were joking back and forth on the walkies, and Tom and Jason heard what was a laugh from downstairs. They called down to Tim to ask if he laughed; he said no, and he didn’t even hear it( This laugh was caught on Tims recorder) Kellie and Cathy joined Tom and Jason upstairs, where they sat in there for a few minutes, but realized that theirs stomachs were the only things communicating (the team was hungry).  The team ended at 12:48 AM.

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Theatre

 “Aye,Aye” EVP Class B: Tim asks “Mr. Carlson is this the house you used to live in” an “aye aye” is heard 6 seconds into the recording

“Faint Voice” EVP Class C: A couple of the investigators are discussing the history of the building, then after Tom says “grounds keepers house” a faint voice can be heard.



Investigation in the Crew Quarters



At 12:05 AM, some of the team went back to the Crew Quarters.  While sitting in the kitchen with John, Chass, Chris, and Don,  Teri turned her recorder on and left it on the table.  The whole team was sitting on the table talking when they heard, a dish slam in the dish rack to the left of the sink.  They were trying to debunk this, but unable to get the dish to make the same noise, plus John had witnessed it pick up and slam back down.  Chris said that he felt like there were “eyes on his back.”  Almost immediately following this, a very disturbing EVP of a child was captured.

Audio Evidence Obtained in the Crew Quarters

 “Help Me” EVP Class C: This EVP was recorded while the investigator was watching the DVR, it sounds like “help me”


 “Mother!?! Find me! “ EVP Class A: At the beginning of this clip, an investigator is attempting to debunk the plate that just lifted up, at about 11 seconds in you hear a child yell “mother!” then a couple seconds later you hear same voice say “find me!”








In this picture, there are many orbs but only one fits our qualifications, of movement and a nucleus.






The Teams first night at Whitefish Point was absolutely amazing.

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