White Lake Residence; November 2, 2012

Background and claims: White Lake Residence_20121102_383_front_of_house

Prior to the investigation, MCGH lead investigator Jason and the client did some research into the history of both the property and past owners by meeting with the historical society.  From the White Lake Historical Society, they found out that there was a suicide among one of the owners in the 1920s.  Additionally, the property in which the neighborhood was built was an old, gravel mine.  The client’s home is fairly new which they purchased as a result of a foreclosure.

The client, her husband, mother and best friend all claim to experience unusual feelings, hot and cold spots, sudden breezes, the feeling of being watched, and hearing unknown noises in the home. The client also claims doors open and close, things disappear, plus she sees movement out of the corner of her eye and the security alarm has gone off for no reason.

The team tried to get the client’s little girl to tell about what she sees and hears, but she was too shy to relate any information. 

While interviewing the client, she stated the daughter claims a “dark-eyed, dark-haired” lady, a man with white hair and eyes that she calls “Snow,” and a female child appear frequently to her in her bedroom.  While the child entity appears only to play with the daughter, the other two entities are frightening to her and wake both she and her brother by shaking the bed, pulling clothes, arms and legs, and jump on them during the night.  The client says neither she nor her daughter is getting any sleep because they are so fearful. 

Both parents (the client and her husband) claim not to see or hear the entities; however, the day before the team’s arrival, the client witnessed the apparition of a young man in his late teens leaning against the wall in the upstairs hallway.  She stated the young man was dressed in old-fashioned clothing and appeared to be staring directly at her, disappearing as quickly as he appeared. 

It is also worth noting that, often times, the family dog refuses to enter the daughter’s room. 

The clients have also spoken to the neighbor next to them, and they, too, experience some paranormal activity at their home.

 While the client claims to have no sensitivities, she believes her mother does.  No children were home during the team’s investigation as the client’s mother took them to her home.


• Investigators: Jason, Teri, Don, Scott, Holly, and Gayle
40’s and clear
• Moon:
88% Waning
• Time 8 pm – 1:30 am
• Date 11/2/2012

From 8:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

The team arrived at the home, and Scott and Gayle did base readings while the rest of the team got a tour of the home and the hot spots. Teri and Gayle then interviewed the clients and the daughter while the rest of the team set up the DVR system.

 From 9:30 p.m. – 10:15 p.m.

The team began investigating in the daughter’s room, where they experienced a number sporadic K2 meter hits during the EVP/flashlight session.  During the flashlight Q&A session, there appeared to be three entities that were trying to communicate. Three times throughout this round, a voice was heard by different investigators, but it was never the whole group at the same time. Jason was sitting on the bed, and at one time, he experienced what he described as a tingling feeling on his head and he could feel it on his hair.

 From 10:30 p.m. – 11:15 p.m.  

Holly, Gayle, the client and her friend went to the son’s room.  (Interesting thing to note is that when Teri and Jason were doing the walk through, they experienced a heaviness in the room, specifically by the closet.) During this time, the team experienced more K-II activity and what seemed to be intelligent flashlight responses. One notable experience was when the team asked for a knocking response and a few seconds later, the camera on the tripod fell over. This could be a coincidence as the camera was duct taped to the tripod and could have lost some of the glue (it did happen an additional time in this room and again in the parent’s room a little later).

 From 11:15 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.  

Gayle, Holly, Teri, the client, and her friend went back into the daughter’s room for another EVP session.  Within three minutes, the flashlight began lighting up in conjunction with their questions. It was said by a couple investigators that this time while investigating in the daughter’s room, the flashlight responses and K-II meter activity wasn’t as strong and active as a couple hours ago.

 From 12:30 a.m. – 1 a.m.

While the whole group was doing an EVP session in the living room, Jason stated he had seen a shadow in the hallway around the area the client said she saw the apparition of a young man the night before.  Again, the team established what appeared to be intelligent responses with the flashlight during this session. 

 At 1:10 a.m.

When the session ended, Teri smudged each person present as well as each room in the home.

Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation


 K2  and Flashlight response.


Disembodied Voice, Audio is also caught on one of the recorders below.


 Flashlight response and a voice.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“It’s you that don’t belong” EVP Class   : Recorded in the daughter’s room, Teri asks “do you think these people don’t belong here?” A response that sounds like “It’s you that don’t belong” is captured.

 “Yes”  EVP Class  : Recorded in the daughter’s room, Jason asks if it is Jacob Smith, who was one of the former landowners. A response that sounds like “yes” was captured.

 “Not you, she’s here” EVP Class C:  Recorded in the daughter’s room, when asked if this was the man’s land, a thump and very faint male voice was captured. It sounds like “not you; she’s here.”

 “Hello” Disembodied Voice: This was recorded in the daughter’s room and sounds like a child saying “hello.” (There is a video of this EVP, too.)

“Yes” EVP Class  : This EVP was recorded in the baby’s room after the camera fell in the other room. Gayle asked “was that you that made the camera fall?” and a response that sounds like “yes” was captured.

“Can you see me?” EVP Class A: This was recorded in the daughter’s room and sounds like a young girl saying, “Can You See Me?”

 “Come here” EVP Class   :This EVP was recorded in the daughter’s room. Don says he is going to move over here, and a voice sounds like it says, “Come here.”




 With the activity in the home experienced that night and by the homeowners, it is possible that spirits that are bothering the young children may have a connection to the land. The team also feels that there is a real strong possibility that the young daughter is sensitive as it runs in the family. MCGH recommends that she is strong and really believes it when she tells the spirits not to bother her and leave and not come back. We know this is going to be tough, and it has been recommended the parents have the home blessed.


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