Willis Home Investigation, 12 August 2017

Willis Investigation 

Willis home built ca 1900

The home is currently occupied by renters.  The original owner’s family still runs the farm and lives close by.  According to Zillow, the home was build in the 1900’s.  The site used to be a major greenhouse in the area which is no longer in operation.  According to land records the property was owned by the Childs family.  This was before it was a green house.  The previous family were said to be devout Catholics.


Objects moving, sounds, smells, floating bubbles of light, lights on and off without human help, being poked at night,  seeing shadows and faces. All incidence occurred since immediately after moving in 2016. Happens in day and night. Sometimes flurry of activity then quiet for a while then back again.

Have Prior Attempts Been Made To Deal With Issue? “Yes”

Explanation of Prior Attempts: Mother came in with video camera, digital recorders, and motion detectors. Not results.

Desired Outcome: To understand WHY, are they upset or angry or just want attention? We want to get them to stop the disrupting activity like pinching and poking sleeping people.

Unexplained Knocks or Other Sounds, unexplained shadows, someone was touched, unusual smells, feelings of being watched or followed, doors opening or closing without assistance, objects moving, falling, disappearing or being rearranged, movement seen from corner of your eye.


Investigators:  Brenda, Doris, Cheryl and Ed.

We did a sweep of the house and a basic EVP session.  One of the names that came up was Dave and the residents believe it was a relative that had passed away.

The house is uneven due to age which could answer why doors and opening and closing without assistance.  We did not experience that while there.

While we were there, Doris’ recorder shut off on its own and no recordings were captured.

Ed and Cheryl investigated the upstairs in the child’s room and there Cheryl used a FLIR and captured a cold spot on the wall. (The temperature outside was in the 80’s and the family only has a window air conditioner in the living room).

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Team Investigation Aug

Investigators:  Brenda, Doris, Erin, Chass and Chris

Brenda, Doris and Chass remained in the home and Erin and Chris took their investigation outside. The weather was very humid and in the high 80’s.  We had the renters turn off the fans, AC and internet to begin our investigation.

While starting the EVP session in the living room, we appeared to come in contact with the previous owner Louis.  Chass had experienced a dream before coming and did not know what the client had experience.  Brenda had spoken to each before they met and was able to collaborate the same info.  They both experienced a man in a wheelchair in the bedroom and he was looking out the window.

We did an Ovilus session and we got the name Steven, Index, Book, Ledger and Anna.  Anna is the name of the previous owner’s wife on his death certificate and the renters stated that the son’s name is Steve.

It appears that Louis will not pass on due to worrying about the farm.  He continued to say the same words on the Ovilus.  We asked the renters if the son could come over but they didn’t feel he would.

We then came in contact with a child and a women.  During the investigation Brenda saw the woman in the kitchen and she appeared mad.  Brenda snapped a photo her way and may have captured her energy (green orb with a face in it).  The lady appears to be the one pinching and poking the ladies.  It was said she also pushed one of the ladies while she was doing dishes.

Doris and Chass went into the bedroom and reported smelling old type perfume and talcum powder.




During the Willis investigation, Chassidy and Doris were in the women’s bedroom where we smelled what appeared to be a woman’s floral talcum powder. The smell would dissipate as it did, a smell of ‘barley” would appear. After you here us say musty, an orb seems to appear.

Willis Investigation

While Chassidy and Doris were in the women’s bedroom we picked up, what sounds like a sigh.

Willis Investigation 2

To help clear the home, Chass smudged the home with Sage and Cinnamon.

Is Ron the widow’s husband? “No”


The team believes that the family was being attacked by one of the entities due to not liking their lifestyle and it conflicting with her Catholic beliefs.  The other entity is not willing to pass on due to his concerns with the farm.

A follow up was completed on August 21 and the family reports little activity and only seeing a few shadows which could be Louis.

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