Wixom Residence, 13 Jan 2018

Temperature approximately 31 degrees and snow


Doris, Ed and Dawn

Equipment Used

Aerobox, EMF, recorder, Ovulus, digital recordes and rem pod


Client does not remember the first incident. Her daughter’s father pasted away and in their grief they thought it was him, lights flickering, the fireplace turning on, the music at night, an alarm would go off (no one set it) at exactly 2:22 am some nights. Then other things started to happened that were scary or left an uneasy feeling so the client could not stopping thinking it was him.

The radio started playing. Song in the middle of the night no one turned it on. The thermostat goes down at night time to 65 degrees some nights no one touches it. The hall light will flicker some nights all night long. Child in the home says it’s a monster. Client heard whispers of multiple voices at times. Client felt like someone is staring at her when she’s laying down and the closer it gets the back of her head and neck feel heavy.

Do Residents Feel Threatened: “Yes”

Have Prior Attempts Been Made To Deal With Issue?: “No”

Explanation of Prior Attempts: I tried to use a ghost vox but I was told I was inviting evil and to stop so I did.

Desired Outcome: For this to stop the anxiety or fear from it is going to give me a heart attack.

History of the property

Home was built in 1926. Owned from 1926 to 06/09/1999, by Violet Mettala. Home was originally built by the Detroit Finnish Cooperative 
Summer Camp Association, as part of the original Finn Camp, which is a primarily christian organisation.
It’s unclear when client made this her primary residence. In 1999 the home was purchased by Thomas A. Burns.
He did updates to the home in 2005. Current client purchased the home in July of 2014. The only person, to date, who has died in the house, is her husband.


Anomaly flies past Dawn’s head

We were met by the homeowner Jamie along with her sister and her sisters boyfriend. Ed went thru the house checking the electricity. Everything seemed to be grounded without any EMF abnormal readings. Temperature in the house fluctuated from 67-68 degree throughout the house except for the closet in the master bedroom closet which was 66.6
Session started in basement using aerovox. The recorder was placed in what appeared to be a small fruit cellar inside the basement. When asked how man spirits were here and it responded with 7.   Doris’s recorder failed to work in the basement. Ed and Dawn went upstairs.
When Ed and Dawn returned to the basement we decided to start our investigation in the master bedroom, since this is where we felt the most activity.  Both Doris and Dawn felt a heaviness as they turned the corner to go into the master bedroom. They each felt this at separate times. As Dawn and Doris sat on the floor, Ed continued to stand by the door.  Dawn and Doris felt cold air that would come and go. As they felt the temperature change, the temperature was measured at 61-63 compared to the 68 that they started with. Several recordings were picked up during the investigation.   We beloved the husbands carticl Ed turned the light off to take a photo, when it was turn back on there was a small piece of cookie appeared on the floor in front of Doris that was not there when the lights were on. After the cookie Doris felt a presence of a little girl. In describing the girl, the homeowner validated the exact color of the hair and outfit that Doris described. Doris also saw the little girl peeking her head around corners which was also validated by the homeowner. A bit later Doris saw the little girl, got up off the floor to find her but she was gone.
We were concluding the session as Dawn walked into the little girls bedroom and felt a strong presence of a man, which did not seem very nice.
As Doris and Ed smudged the house, Dawn moved the R.E.M. Pod and recorder into the bathroom. As Dawn used holy water in the bathroom everything was quiet. When Dawn and Doris would leave the bathroom the R.E.M. Pod would go off. Upon re-entering the R.E.M. Pod would stop. Dawn continued to use the holy water in the bedroom where we had the most activity.

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Voice says, “Cool I have one of those”

Whispering in the back ground when Ed was alone with the home owner

A male’s voice outside of the bedroom

Dawn asks, “Why are you bothering the family?” and the voice says, “cause we have a reason to.”

A voices says, “It’s me.”


“Hey Ladies”

Do the renovations bother you?


This Home

What’s go you covered?  “You guys”

Do you bother Gracie? “Yep”


As we finished the investigation, we informed the homeowner to contact Dawn if she needed us. Doris does not believe we were able to cross any of the entities over.

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