Wixom Residence Part II, 24 Feb 2018

Wixom Residence Part II

We initially did an investigation in January but the client called us back due to increased activity.


Brenda, Chass, Doris, Dawn, Krista and Mike “M2”

Equipment: SP-11 Box, mag light flashlights, digital recorders, K-II meters


From the moment Chass walked into the home, Chass felt nothing but death around her. She felt  that the lady of the house draws in people with addiction and death due to the fact that her late husband had committed suicide, and her previous boyfriend tried to commit suicide. Multiple friends of her’s also died of drug overdoses.

We began an EVP session in the dining room but there was so much contamination we may have missed some.  Resident had both children at the home and was using the microwave and talking throughout the investigation. The environment felt very heavy and made you feel like you needed to be angry or aggressive. Team members from the previous investigation stated that the client and the environment was totally different. Chass also felt client was also on some type of drug she is very jittery would not shut up.

During the investigation, the client heard one of her children cry then ran to us to show us that her child had been scratched.  Team members were not able to determine it was a scratch (looked like a rash).   This all occurred out of the sight of the team members present, too. After much discuss with the team members who are nurses and social workers, the team suspects possible Munchausen by proxy with this case but is unable to prove it at this time.

At one point during the investigation in the dining room the smell of vomit in dirty diapers became strong and present. Chass thought whatever negativity was there did not like her and called her out of her name.

Brenda attempted some Finnish to communicate and elicit someone who may have been at the Finnish Camp asking if they had “Sisu” which means determination.  It’s a common phrase with people from Finland or of Finnish descent.  The entity put on the ovilus “opposite”.

While continuing with the SP-11, the entities kept saying, “Dogma”.  We believe that the Dogma are attached or attracted to the client do her lack of practicing faith and unwillingness to go to her faith for help with the issues in her home.  When Chass asked through the spirit box if the client was bringing this on we captured a “Yes”.  The video is not being shown due to the client’s name being used in it.

Doris used a FLIR and captured what we think is a kneeling child in the room.

As we continued with the investigation, any time prayers or religion was brought up by Brenda, the equipment would give a busy signal and shut off.

(Child kneeling in FLIR)

Video captured during Paranormal Investigation:

Growl captured at 11-13 seconds

Wixom Video

Entity tells team to “Get Out”


Based on information that was gathered, we believe that the entities are attracted to the client based on the people she gravitates and works with.


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  1. Ted Lawnicki

    Very great interesting videos of your experinces . I can hardly wait to read about your
    new places .
    Thank you

  2. Claude Priebe

    I’d like to expiriance it for my self,

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    We initially did an investigation in January but the client called us back due to increased activity.

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