Woodhaven Residence, 21 July 2016

Woodhaven Residence, 21 July 2017

Investigators: John, Brenda, Gayle, Ed and Mike

Woodhaven Residence

Woodhaven Residence

Moon: Waning Gibbous 88.9%

Outside Temp: 88F

Equipment: Maglight Flashlights, Ovilus, SB-11, Echovox, digital recorders, Digital Cameras, MEL Meter, K-II


The condo was built in 2006.  There are no known dwellings on this property prior to 2006.  It is said that the site is a confirmed burial site for the Wyandotte Indian tribe.  Archaelogical digs have been conducted along the Brownstown Creek.  Remains were left at the sites of the Archaelogical dig site due to NAGPRA regulations.  We also noted that in a week the anniversary of the Battle of Brownstown (War of 1812) would occur so we could not any residual evidence.  The current residents have been in the Condo for only 8 months.


The residents report being touched, seeing shadows and orbs and feeling uneasy in the home. They also reported hearing footsteps and a large crash from the upstairs that shook the garage.

Start of investigation:  We had the residents turn off all wifi and air to reduce any contamination.  When we did this, we noticed 14 other available wifi connections that could make EMF increase in the home.

We started the EVP session and within 10 minutes the front door opened by itself.  John noted feelings of anxiety while sitting in the chair by the door.  We heard many loud knocks and Brenda saw a white light stream from right to left on one wall (could not have been from the outside because it would have come from an opposite direction) and a black orb passing by her left side while sitting on the floor.

Ed was standing on the stairway and his meter was knocked over and something tried to push him off the steps.

We believe we came in contact with three entities: a female, an Indian, and someone from the Army due to responses on our equipment.  The female entity appeared to attach herself to the residents and did not was to leave them.


EVPs Captured during paranormal investigation

Brenda goes Hmm, that was Brenda then you hear “WHITE”

Brenda asks, Are you buried in a cemetery and you hear “Yes”

We are having a conversation and you hear us say did you guys then a Female Voice cuts in.

John is taking and you can hear a voice say, “On my picture.”

Brenda and John were talking about the Trail of tears and you hear “YES” then John says Trail of tears.

Gayle was preparing for the Echovox and you hear the Ding, then “You have warm hands” then Brenda say’s Wake Up.

2016-07-22-Woodhaven-1-Under the breath YEH EVP (1)

Mike captured a “Yeh” when Gayle is talking to the home owners

Sqeeking sound

Female voice saying, “Ah-huh” when asked if she was buried in the cemetery.

Echovox Session

Gayle was conducting an Echovox session and captured, “Rob and Ben Get Out.”

Gayle captured about a fight in the kitchen and near the end it talks about “the Indian” and “Heaven”

Video captured during paranormal investigation

Ed placed his camera on the second floor and faced it where everyone had feelings of something there. The AC was turned off, the residents are non-smokers and the house was very clean.  Ed was on that stairway during the investigation and had his meter knocked over and was pushed off the steps.  This video was reviews by three other paranormal groups as well as our team.  Three out of 4 believe these are “energy orbs” while the other believes it’s dust.  You decide.

Conclusion of Investigation 1

At the conclusion of the investigation, the house was smudged as well as the residents and team.

Investigation 2

The clients called back and stated that activity became bad again so we sent out a second team of Cas, Tim W, and Gayle.

The clients stated they had a renewed interest in their religious views and confirmed that this was in part due to the alleged activity that they were experiencing.

Neither claim to have been diagnosed with any type of conditions that would typically produce night terrors, even though the descriptions that they provide of being frozen in bed, trembling, seeing dark figures, and feeling as if they are being touched all coincide with possible night terror symptoms.

During the interview Tim W. and Gayle swept the entire home using Mel meters for a baseline EMF reading.  During the sweep the following points were noted:

  • The client’s home is within 100’ of high tension power lines that are most likely producing residual emf fields at random intervals. This also produces a high static electricity field that can be felt in the home.
  • We found a light in the first floor living room giving off high levels of EMF intermittently.
  • The power panel to the home was located in the garage next to the entrance into the kitchen. This was producing very high levels of EMF and could be read on the other side of the wall into the garage.
  • Second Floor bathroom has an exhaust fan that when turned on produced extremely high emf levels.
  • Everyone on the second floor felt high levels of static electricity. This is most like caused by the lack of humidity and emf source around the home. This can be resolved by introducing a dehumidifier into one of the upstairs rooms.
  • The client’s internet gateway was tested at the client’s request and was not considered to be a source of high emf. The only time emf was registered during these tests was when the gateway was transmitting data and even then emf was well within acceptable levels.
  • Multiple loose boards were noticed on the stairs between the two floors. These boards would move slightly as they were stepped on and in some cases made a popping sound when they adjusted.
  • Second floor closet contained an alarm panel that was producing emf at levels that could impact the client.

Main Floor

We began doing an EVP session on the main floor. During this session we tried to utilize the tri-meter as a triggering device to confirm activity or communication. During most of the session we received random returns from the tri-field that did appear to ne intelligent.  Tim began asking the brothers if there were any family members who had passed over that may want to communicate to them. When they started talking about their grandmother the tri-field meter began to respond to questions consistently. While we can’t prove this was the grandmother attempting communication.

We then attempted a mini box plus session followed by a Frank’s box session. Neither of these produced any tangible results for the client’s case.

No EVP’s were captured during the course of the investigation.

Conclusion of Second Investigation

During this investigation we found little evidence of actual paranormal activity. Most claims can be directly linked to natural environmental phenomenon or due to EMF sources throughout the home. We also recommend that the clients take time to view the documentary “Nightmare” which provides in-depth information on night terrors and suggested that they consult a physician to see if this may be something they should be concerned with. During EVP and Ghost box sessions we may have had potential communications with the spirit of a family member (possibly grandma), which would be consistent with a female spirit possibly encountered on the first investigation.



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