Wyandotte Residence; April 20, 2011

Case Background and Claims:

300_house1_copyThe Client called 4-13-2011 and claimed to have activity of capturing evps and pictures of mists on digital camera, he also claims that his sister has heard a moan and seen an orange orb in her bedroom.Client called 4-13-2011 and claimed to have activity of capturing EVP’s and pictures of mists on digital camera, he also claims that his sister has heard a moan and seen an orange orb in her bedroom.



Investigators: John, Tom, Mark and Terri

Weather: Outside temp 47* clear weather and dry, Inside temp 68*


Investigation Started at 7:00 pm and on arrival noticed the front door wide open and John and Tom inside. John was doing the Q and A’s with the client while Tom was doing base readings with the EMF meter.

Air Partial count 455499 – EMF Base Readings Upstairs 2.0-5.0 – Outside EMF 5.0

Terri and Mark started taking pics of the interior of the house. Terri also started a recorder while walking around the house. Client showed Mark some “hotspots” in the basement where activity occurred and at 7:16 pm Mark started his Raudive diode receiver in an active area.
John and Tom found some high emf fields in the house with the incoming water line being the highest of all the readings averaging from 80. to 198.40 the entire length of the basement. Tom and Mark checked out the outside electrical/water/gas connections which appeared fine. While Terri was sitting in the basement (near the clients hotspot) the K2 meter would spike every 5 seconds with no source of explanation other then it might  have to do with river traffic or train traffic near the home (possible radar or sensor).
During our outside inspection it should be noted the we did get a few EVP’s and  K-2/ emf meter spikes in the front area where no electricity was near. The front yard sidewalk was a hotspot and all power lines seen were in the back of the house. At 8:15 pm diode receiver recording stopped and pre investigation wrap up.

 Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“Oh Yeah” & ” Here he comes” EVP Class C: You can hear “Oh yeah” and “here he comes”

“OH” EVP Class A: “OH” in the background.


Although we found nothing in the house we did have some unusual activity in the front of the house. We feel this could be a free roaming spirit due to this being an “older” neighborhood with history going back to the 1800’s and before. We advised the client of the danger of high emf and asked him to contact a licensed electrician to correct the problem and grounding issues. Afterwards we would be willing to return to re-investigate if needed.

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