Ypsilanti Residence, November 11, 2011 and January 14, 2012

Ypsilanti Residence 366_ypsi

Background and claims:

The clients were experiencing a number of unexplained things, among them are unexplained noises.  In addition to hearing random banging, one of the clients experienced what sounded like the deadbolt jiggling.  Nobody was outside messing with the door.  The male client also heard his name being called, which frightened him a bit.  The alarm clock will randomly turn on, even if it has no batteries and was not plugged in.

The clients said that items also seem to relocate and move around a lot.  The garbage lid had closed on its own.

The male client experiences cold spots around him and has also had a penny thrown at him while he was in the bathroom (his pants had no pockets).  He then experienced the dooropening and closing and saw a thick, black mass.  He also was sitting in a chair and felt his foot being touched.  The female client was scratched in the bathroom.

The clients both agree that something is going on.  The male client wants to know what is there and why, while the female client is very uncomfortable with the presence and would like for it to leave her alone.  They also feel as if they are being watched.

The condo is a two story condo approximately 800 square feet.



• Investigators: John,  Chass, and Joe
• Time 7 pm – 10 pm
• Date 11/11/2011 and 1/14/2012

The team arrived at 7:00 pm and met with the clients and their friend.  Just as the team was setting up, Chass’ recorder turned off.  This happened a few times.  At 7:35 pm the client was telling John about the black mass he observed and John’s recorder shut off.  Chass sat down with the clients to do an interview, while John and Jose set up some of the equipment.  Chass also observed a black shadow which was half man and half animal, go from the bedroom to the bathroom.  She got the feeling that this shadow was demonic and that it didn’t want them there.  At 8:00 pm, the feelings were so intense that Chass needed to go outside for a time.

At 8:30 pm, Chass came back into the home and sat in a chair by the kitchen.  She could hear voices coming from the bedroom, so she went in there and asked, “Why are you here?”  At this time, she heard a response say, “I’m going to hurt you.”  This was also captured on her recorder.  Her recorder proceeded to turn on and off by itself.  The team was also getting hits on the K-II meter and responses with the flashlight all night, almost as if it was “playing with” and taunting the investigators.  Chass reported starting to feel really tired and struggling to keep her eyes open.  Almost as if she was being drained of her energy.  John, Joe, and Chass all witnessed a shadow moving in and out of the light grid that was set up. The client started to get very nauseous and felt like he was going to vomit, and Joe also started to feel the same.  Both the client and Joe saw a face in the mirror that was located behind Chass.  At the same time, Chass was experiencing a massive headache, and she felt something hit the chair she was sitting in twice.  Chass decided to go outside and get some fresh air as she was feeling very drained.  This was at 9:30 pm.

At 9:45 pm, Chass attempted to come back inside and was unable to as the door was locked.  Nobody had locked it.  At this time, the client was being scratched and reported feeling cold.  The client started to become upset.  Joe observed a ball of light at this time and John saw an orb go across the table.  They asked it if it wanted them to go away.  They received a couple of hits on the K-II meter.   The client sat down in the chair that Chass had been occupying, and he had been scratched through his shirt.  Joe reported feeling sick to his stomach again.  Chass spoke to the spirit and told it the team would be coming back, and everyone heard her name being said.  At this time, John also observed a black shadow behind Chass.  The client began talking to the spirit again and told it to knock his television off,a nd both Joe and Chass heard a laugh, but it was not caught on the recorder.  Chass got a really bad cold child that went down her spine.  At 10:10 pm, her recorder had stopped.  At this time, the team decided to pack up and leave, with the intention of sending a new team in the future.  The investigation ended at 10:15 pm.

The team returned January 14, 2012

The team arrived at 7 PM and began set-up.

At 8 PM, the investigation started in the living room with the client, his friend, John, Joe and Scott.  At 8:17 PM, an unexplained thump was heard, and everyone thought they heard it from a different part of the apartment.  Every time the friend’s name was mentioned, the laser grid lights flickered. John switched to another laser grid and had the same flickering effect happen with a different laser.  It is important to note that both laser grids had brand new batteries in them at the start of the investigation.  John saw a small shadow, about 18 inches tall, move between the couch and the television.  At 8:30 PM, Scott went to investigate in the bedroom, but nothing occurred there.  Everyone else stayed in the living room.  Joe, Joe and the client saw a shadow by the furnace closet door near the kitchen.

At 9 PM, the team took a break.

At 9:15 PM, Scott, Joe, the client and his friend continued investigating, while John stayed outside.  They continued the EVP session.  At 9:28 PM, the client reported feeling goose bumps, and Joe felt pressure on his neck and weight on his shoulders.  Joe also felt as if he was surrounded by cold air.  Then, at 9:35 PM, the client noticed a bright light above Joe’s head in the dining room area.  The client also felt like he was pinched.  Scott went into the same area to see if he noticed anything, and he immediately got the chills (there was no temperature change in the room).  At 9:44 PM, the client felt like he was scratched.  Then, at 9:50 PM, Joe hears the sound of bird chirping.  A short while later, at 10:02 PM, Joe saw a light and everyone heard a bird chirp.  Two minutes later, Joe heard the word “wow,” which was captured on his recorder but very faint and hard to hear.  There also seemed to be some weird temperature readings near the window at 10:15 PM.  The EVP session ended at 10:19 PM, and the team took a break.

At 10:30 PM, John had rejoined the team, and they continued investigating.

Ovilus Session

Horse, George, Movie, Plant, Tragic, Meline, Warrior, Twenty, Shinning, Wood, Tied, Clairvoyant, Attack, Kelly, Porch, Sugar, Piece, Indicate, End, P, Level, You, Be, Venus, Mite, Task, Batteries, Loss, Park, Result, Sip, Harmonic, Lord, Soccer, Dwindle, Read, Index, Float, Pond, Vast, Actually, Cents, Tall, Rope, Gentle, Digital, Man, Dig, New Moon, Process, November, Manifest, Bomb, School, Lash, Steven, Dominate.)

Everyone heard a bird sing.  It is interesting to note that the client has never heard the bird noise before and doesn’t believe any neighbors have a bird.  At 10:59 PM, both Joe and the client heard a voice say “yeah” and this was also captured on the recorder.  The session ended at 11:30 PM.

John blessed and smudged the home, and then the team packed up and left at 12 AM.

 Video Evidence Obtained During Paranormal Investigation

A growl can be heard.

A second growl can be heard minutes later.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During First Investigation

“Chass” Disembodied Voice:  Chass said that the team would be coming back, and then her name is heard being said.  More than one recorder captured this, and the group heard it when it occurred.

“I feel ya” EVP Class  B : The team was checking out the client’s scratches and a voice was captured that sounded like “I feel ya.”

“Yeah” EVP Class B : This was recorded on two separate recorders.  This is one of them.  In this EVP, the female client asks “do you like to drain people’s energy?”  A “yeah” can be heard in response.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Second Investigation

“Yeah” Disembodied Voice :What sounds like a child saying “yes/yeah” is captured.

“Laugh” EVP Class C :  Joe says “what else can make the sound of a bird?”  Everyone says “a bird,” and then an unexplained child’s laugh is captured right before one of the guys laughing can be heard.


Visit 1: Chass and John both believe there are two spirits present. One is a very tall, white man about late 20s to mid-30s.  They described him as a biker type, wearing a red bandana, a black wife beater tank top, black jeans, and black biker boots.  They believe he may have some connection or attachment to the male client.    The second spirit is an older white woman, in her 80s that is wearing a blue-flowered cotton day dress and glasses.  They believe she is drawn to the property, but keeps the negative male spirit in check and watches over the family.  The investigators on the cause all agree that a full investigation needs to occur at the location.

*UPDATE* In a phone call conversation between the client and John following MCGH’s investigation, the client described a shadow he had seen, in which he described as half man, half animal.  This is interesting to note as this is the same thing that Chass saw during the investigation, but client was not privy to this information and therefore not aware of this sighting (as Chass had not shared this information with the client, nor had John).  Also, when John described what he and Chass had sensed regarding the male spirit (the biker type), the client got goose bumps and stated that is exactly what he keeps seeing.  The client agrees that this entity is very likely connected to his past/younger years.

Conclusion on second visit: The team believes much activity is connected to the male client’s past, when he was younger. He was into many things that he now regrets.  He has attempted to change his life in a more positive direction, looking forward to starting a new life with his fiancé.

On the earlier visit, MCGH found many signs of an elderly woman, and we believe now that this elderly woman is connected to the male client’s friend and believe her to be his grandmother that had passed away.  Many times when we mentioned the friend’s name, both green lasers flickered at the mention of his name.

With the home being an apartment, it is unclear of the history of the actual past occupants that have lived on the property, and sounds of children and pets very well could be from past occupants that have left their mark on this location.  Our client assures us there are no children or birds that reside in his building. In our two visits to this location, we never noticed any signs of children in or around the building and saw no signs of wild birds outside.  Temperatures were exceedingly cold and there were no signs of birds nesting near the apartment as we checked during our investigation for any evidence to debunk the bird noises the team recorded and heard while investigating.

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